Technical Services Roundtable Notes at MLS Northampton, MA; April 25, 2017


Sue Mulry missed. We wish her family well and congratulate her on the birth of her baby granddaughter.

Next meeting date- Fall 207 – Preferably October or November

Berkshire Athenaeum kindly offers space for next meeting

DVD Suppliers: Ingram, B &T, Midwest Tape & Amazon


  • DVDs easier to obtain through B & T; Ingram wasn’t getting hot titles
  • Ingram doesn’t have rental readies
  • Retail doesn’t match up on invoice, sometimes indicates rental ready on statement but item has been switched
  • Amazon has dedicated #
  • If the item is really old, you have to order directly from the publisher and manufacturer and that takes longer. But if ordered before or by the pre-order date it is much faster.
  • If pre-order dates missed, try more frequent ordering, i.e.: 3x/month helps.
  • After street date, item may be available in Memphis warehouse. It takes a day for the merchandise to go from Memphis to Nashville, once out of main warehouse, longer delivery time to your library.
  • Old items require direct ordering from the publisher & manufacturer, which takes longer.
  • Takeaway: if ordered before or by the pre-order date it is much faster.


  • Corporate Credit account, free 2 day shipping for orders over 50$
  • Participant: her director doesn’t want their name on Credit Account
  • Berkshire Athenaeum uses the name of the library on the Amazon account and can charge to it, receiving a monthly statement
  • Kindles require either a Corporate Account or Credit Card
  • Ordering through Amazon on credit, without a credit card can be done via a business account. Note Amazon cuts you off if not paid in full by 60 days.
  • Problems with deliveries:
    • Shipments do not include invoice with packing slips, only order confirmations
    • One order comes in 5-6 packages all related to same invoice
  • Solutions:
    • On the order screen, print invoices upon ordering, if they are not printed immediately, they do disappear
    • Create manual purchase order in computer for your records
    • Cynthia finds Amazon customer service by phone helpful
    • 1-866-216-1072. The number is not on their website
  • Two attendees express no problems with Amazon

B & T

  • For books, one can create a cart in B & T and download from Ingram
  • All items arrive most quickly if ordered before pre-order date
  • Retail doesn’t always match up on the invoice, especially rental readies
  • Retail versions cause problems when downloading records as the first record to appear is the rental ready and so many holders are already attached to this bibliographical version
    • Eileen offers solution:
    • Target holds — highlight — move all libraries –in a blink, 15 holds are moved all at once to a different (the right) record.


  • Can create a cart in Midwest downloading from Ingram.
  • 028 added by Midwest


  • Approximately 7 people at the meeting do acquisitions
  • 20% of those present use CWMars for acquisitions
  • 40% use EDI
  • Large percentage of C/W Mars librarians don’t do acquisitions


  • We use 020 and 024; only problem is with Regency Paperback
  • EC- If only print just order on 020
  • Worcester and Pittsfield records require extra time for overlays
  • Most people wait for the item to be in hand
  • If you find older record, ask for the overlay
  • For Paperback OCLC records that perfectly match your i.e. hardcover record, if you have a record that is a perfect match except for the fact that it is specifically for a hardcover and you have a paperback on hand, write to CWMARS and they will add the ISBN in for you – then you don’t have to download a new record.
  • If you request a 598 recurring report from CWMars, you discover at a glance which records have not been overlaid
  • Instead of requesting overlays as soon as item is ordered, give OCLC time to catch up.
  • Record match sets should reflect same 020/024/035

Evergreen 3.0

  • Release date for web client this Fall.
  • We’re always one release behind because C/W Mars tests thoroughly for bugs before giving the new update to our libraries.
  • Never got to 2.11 this Spring because of hardware issues; got new servers.
  • 2.12 will fix the bugs in the old iterations and has the same permissions-
  • Website still governed by permissions.
  • JS- One of the other comments from the EG survey: “CW MARS allows same records for different versions of works- If hardcover and paperback, it is ok, but if it is a CD with explicit vs. non-explicit lyrics they are two different things and previous release have bonus tracks so: match author/title/date/publisher/#discs/play time.
  • Problem doesn’t stem so much from separate records, the problem is, libs are added into wrong record.

Turtleback and Pawprints

  • The bound version of PBR may have different ISBNS, it is still OK
  • If it’s the Turtleback record form paperback, they’ll add it to the record for us.
  • You guys are not supposed to edit our records.
  • If you want to put pages in, it’s ok. We know who you are.

Viewing Bibliographic Records in Evergreen

  • Q: When searching catalog– drop down menu—numeric search – how can you make the field stay- (i.e. TCN)?

A: Not possible to make the field stay but you can hit GO BACK to restore the delimiters OR you can keep a tab open with the delimiters set as you wish.

  • JS- Explained that when no one is attached to a record, the bib link will appear at the bottom of the screen for the convenience of patrons.
  • There are many ways to see the MARC- i.e. linked on top in blue.

Encoding Levels

  • Determine encoding level in the LDR field- it is the number before the “a”
  • Level M or 3 OCLC records take longer due to need to change encoding level
  • Level 3 in cat express: OOO cam 3
  • If you want a level M, say “Please download and change the encoding level”.
  • Avoid bad level M’s along with 7s, 5s and 3s.
  • When you see a Level M author& publisher usually fine; but subject fields missing.
  • Encoding “a” relates to AACR2R and “i” relates to RDA record
  • 1, 3, 5, 7 are the numbers in Evergreen
  • In OCLC there are 14 encoding levels JS will send to us.
  • If full LC- encoding space blank
  • If OCLC record added by members – encoding is i
  • If OCLC members without full record- k
  • If LC record incomplete – 8 or 4
  • M- codes for library uploaded holding to OCLC and was a machine generated record.
  • Sometimes an M is a really good record if using World Cat as catalog

CAT Express

  • Janet can create new user logins for CatExpress
  • Through CAT Express, OCLC support available on the Welcome page via upper right hand corner button
  • Stats:

28 libraries use CAT Express

3 libraries have full membership and can add records.

Cataloging Audiobooks

  • Be sure to include both the letters and numbers for the O28 fields
  • According to Wikipedia, Blackstone is both a publisher and distributer, related to Hachette, Harper, and Recorded Books
  • Given Blackstone’s amorphous identity, extra care should be given to properly account for the number of CDs in the audiobooks
  • Blackstone is considered the largest indie publisher of audiobooks
  • Public like cover art very much, also useful to staff in finding matching record.

Controlled Vocabulary in

  • Janet Schrader has undertaken the immense task of improving the controlled vocabulary for Evergreen
  • Fixing the problem with the alphabetical thesaurus display between the SEE and SEE ALSO references that adversely affects the controlled vocabulary
  • The See Also reference works, but not correctly, one form of same root and other form of name for see/see also reference.
  • Editing authority records is a beginning for adding the alternative forms of the names.
  • Some entries have commas and some don’t because older records don’t have that, the system sees that as a different kind of entry- this will be fixed in 2.12.
  • Give suggestions for authors whose names need improved controlled vocabulary

i.e.- Jeffery Lindsay, Jeffry P (Jeff)

Meeting Adjourned


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Technical Services Roundtable Meeting Notes @ Sunderland Public Library, 11-18-16

Technical Services Roundtable Meeting Notes @ Sunderland Public Library, November 18, 2016

Notes loosely follows agenda.

There were approximately 23 in attendance. Janet Schrader fielded cataloging questions.

1. Concern from Pittsfield Aethaneum about the large number of duplicate records in Evergreen of late. There are 30 libraries using the Acquistions Module in the Consortium, some use vendor records,some do not. Record quality is an ongoing issue.
a. Additionally Janet mentioned that on the brief bib order records: the more annotation in a record, the less it is “weighted”. That means that when you try to pull it up in a list to perform the correct overlay from a brief record to a full bib record, it will be much farther down on the list.
b. Jones Library mentioned that when you creating a brief bib record you can look in the “Name Authority file” in Evergreen to assist with accuracy.

2. How to share a copy bucket with a colleague? The response: tell the colleague the bucket number so they can find that bucket on Evergreen in the Copy Bucket function. Janet reminded the group that “copy buckets” are DYNAMIC , not static. In case you are not familiar with copy buckets: “containers that can be used for storing and/or batch processing items. Copy buckets can be used to change item location, circulation modifier, status, or other item attributes, for multiple items. Unlike Item Status, items will remain in a bucket until removed or the bucket (but not the items) is deleted. Copy buckets are useful for items that you will be dealing with over a period of time. If you are making temporary changes to a group of items, copy buckets allow you to make the changes and store the items in the bucket so that more group changes can be made at a later date.” A great suggestion to tie into the perennial issue of order records is to have the order records in a bucket (for ease of finding them when it comes time to overlay them). Please note: “just make sure to have correct column of information: title, author, tcn lined up as you don’t need the barcode heading.

3. CatExpress Libraries: When you are searching and get multiple hits, it is OK to download the correct record when you find the correct match in oclc: only that record will come through.

4. DVD combo packs/records: If you buy combo packs and want to separate DVD & Blue Ray discs to circulate separately: Upon request, the Cat Center will use or create separate records for you. “Anecdotely per Janet: DVD’s in the combo pack are only sold for a short time so the DVD is different that the separate, standard DVD sold alone.”
a. There is an identifier in the bib record: in the 040 field: if it spells out MIDWEST it is a brief order record that needs an overlay to a full oclc record. In Acquisitions module, the record match is set to the 020 and 040 fields.
b. There was also a mention if it say CIN 1 or CIN3, same as above.

5. The issue of separate bib records for paperbacks vs. hardcovers or on the same record came up once again and a fairly lengthy discussion ensued. Background: Melissa from Ludlow went to Dodie Gaudets’ RDA Cataloging workshop recently and was told paperbacks should be on a separate record. Janet Shrader reminded the group of C/W Mars Consortium Policy agreed upon several years ago, C/WMars voted to add softcover isbns to hardcover records to keep the number of separate records out of the database for ease of patrons searching and placing holds.

6. This issue seriously needs to be revisited as in some libraries when patrons request a title, they only want paperback, some want hardcover. It was decided within our group that this question needs to be put forth to the Resource Sharing Committee as well as the Public Service Librarians: “more specificity in the records (a separate icon, some code to determine paperback) or fewer records in the database continue attaching to hardcover record?”

7. Parts: This component was worked on in development to get parts to sort “chronologically.” Now there is a request for sorting from newest to oldest in Serials. Unfortunately, the problem is that the software can only sort reverse numbered or sort reversed alphabetically. Advocacy for this development is still continuing.
a. This pertains for items attached to a Serials Bib Record. Anything you want to stay in the order it is before development for reverse chronological. Suggestion: use information in the call number to preserve the order. PLEASE NOTE: THIS DOESN’T APPLY TO GRAPHIC NOVELS on OPEN ENTRY RECORDS.
8. Changes at the C/W Mars Office: Now all on gmail
10: We are one release behind other Consortiums using Evergreen: we are on 2.10, the newest release is 2.11. C/WMars Consortium won’t upgrade to that release until Fall 2018. The Web Client is slated to go live Spring 2017. Janet can send a link to see the demo.

11: In planning ahead to the Spring 2017 meeting, Eileen Chapman asked the group about having book vendors (each vendor allowed to speak about 20 minutes in a equally weighted manner). There was also a nod/request to invite MHEC and supplies, also.

12. There were some requests for MLS to hold a Book Repair seminar with Gregor Trinkaus. Some in the group want a basic mending, others would additionally like to have an advanced mending seminar. There was a mention of some video how-to’s for Basic book repair on youtube:

13. We may have another volunteer scribe for future meetings.

14. If we missed you at this meeting, hope to see you at the next!

Stay tuned!

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Roundtable meeting notes at West Springfield Public Library, 6-8-2016

TECHNICAL SERVICES ROUNDTABLE MEETING NOTES, June 8, 2016 at West Springfield Public Library

C/W Mars  Evergreen Cataloging Workshop Brief Recap, Janet Schrader

  1. Web Client: Brief demo of web client that will replace current software loaded client we have now. Slated for : Spring 2018
  2. Question from attendee: will templates migrate or will they have to be recreated? Answer: not known at this time, will have answer long before it will be updated.
  3. 39.50 functionality will be from a drop down menu in that client. Faster response time and better oclc bibliographic record view.
  4. Copy buckets
  • Handouts for Copy bucket documentation for those in attendance, same documentation is also available online at C/WMars library staff website.
  • Dynamic: items aren’t prevented from being checked in or out when in the bucket.
  • Pending copies only stay in the pending area until you close the screen.
  • You cannot edit volumes in the bucket, only can edit item attributes.
  1.  Miscellaneous
  2. There is potential for a future workshop on brief records in Evergreen, especially for non-cataloged items such as cake pans, knitting needles, seeds, laptops, wireless hotspots, etc. (Example of use: Jones Library uses brief records for ESL students).
  3. If you wish to put items in a series statement, suggests using the 830 field. (Example: Shrewsbury tool)
  4. Beginning in July, the cat center will send out a weekly email every Monday with info. on the codes in a single field in a bib record.
  5. REMINDER: Need to use standardized parts parts.  Please don’t be adding magazines with no parts and dates in the call #, creates problems with holds, etc.
  6. REMINDER:Duplicate bib records in the catalog: reminder that the policy is to use a serial record whenever you can.
  7. Merging parts to clean up: was working in the 2.7 release, stopped working  with 2.8 release. Code is being worked on again. If you find an incorrect part, please email Janet Schrader and she will fix it by editing it.
  8. Current graphic novels policy: if reissued from comic books (AND ONLY SOME ISSUES , NOT IN ENTIRETY: USE MONOGRAPH RECORD).

Meeting Notes:  (loosely follows agenda)

Janet Schrader/C/W Mars Updates:

  • Development is coming on copy notes to make searchable and in the upcoming web client: copy note button is right at the screen.
  • Cross References: Lost in the migration from Millennium: example , Janet has been adding them: example: author Judith Jance. Cross reference added: Jance, Judith  added (J.A).  If you have an author not found easily because married vs. maiden name, email Janet with them name for her to edit the main entry. Question from attendee: Should one aurthor have one main entry?” Answer: Yes. If others are found (with or without the period), it may because of the beginning of RDA there are subfields but Evergreen system sees them as 2 separate. There is work being done now on normalizing all entries, but will take some time.
  • Cataloging e-magazines? Can send records from Recorded Books for Janet to upload.
  • MLS Program Topics suggestion: Advanced Book Repair. Suggestion for MBLC
  • Vendors: who does everyone use when you have to cancel backorders that won’t be fulfilled before the end of the fiscal year? Amazon: Amazon Prime. Can’t use corporate account to pay for Prime, but you share a personal account with up to 4 people or buy a gift card with the corporate account and use it to purchase Prime.

Materials and Supplies: any love/hate with vendors? Brodart: no follow through after order put in with larger furniture. Company is not telling the trucker/deliverer necessary information.

MHEC: dramatic rise in prices.Try MHEC bulletin for information?  UPDATE:SEE ALEX RECZKOWSKI’S EMAIL in your inbox dated 6/29/2016 and subject titled: “MLS/MHEC LIBRARY SUPPLIES FOR FOLLOW UP:

Collection Development Tools: Names a cart Trust Fund so it is known to take it out of that account.  Most libraries use Both B & T and  Ingram.

Cat Express:  West Springfield : has spent less and is using less/got rid of because the Cat Center is so good at uploading files. Jones Library pays for minimum then billed in arrears. Used also to find out what genre a bib. Record is. There is no incentive for a discount. Janet  Schrader explained how  oclc has changed how Cat Express records are delivered .There used to be a 24 hour turnover. Now, requests sent to the Cat Center has a longer turnover time. An advantage to belonging to CatEXpress: being able to search oclc then sending oclc bib record number to the Cat Center to eliminate extra search. C/W Mars pays for a subscription to be able to download records from oclc.

Reasons to use the Acquisitions module: Used so patrons can place holds on order records and to manage funds.

Acquisitions Branch related question on Deposit collection: Foreign Language books from BPL?: Pittsfield Library keeps BPL barcodes and call numbers

Reports: recommendation for those interested  to request a workshop on reports with Codey Kolasinski of C/Mars (

Spine label printing: Equinox wants 100K for development. No spine label development planned for this year.

Libraries that have gone beyond Dewey:   BISAC –Darien, CT Library, ,Jones Library. neighborhood structure. More browse friendly. Holden Library ditched Dewey classification for part of the collection. Jones Library Children and AV Librarians are asking for Cataloging to put Dewey on AV.

A personal note to the TSRT group: Toward the end  of the meeting,  I was not able to take as comprehensive notes as I would have liked to accomplish. I have to post “as is” with time constraints.  If you find  too much information appears to be missing, please  send your notations to me and I will add them as time permits.

Another option is to volunteer to help out with note taking at the next meeting. Thanks!

Next meeting will be held sometime in the Fall, to be determined at a later date.

Have a wonderful summer!

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Technical Services Roundtable Meeting at Sunderland Public Library, 10-20-15

Technical Services Roundtable Meeting at Sunderland Public Library, Tuesday, October 20, 2015

(loosely follows agenda items)

25 in attendance, plus 4 invited speakers.

MHEC Executive Director, Eric Weiss Presentation

  1. Briefly reviewed the background history of this organization and reminded our group that even though the non-profit organization is located in Amherst, Ma , MHEC serves all of New England.
  2. This has been a year of upgrades and changes for MHEC: staff growth: hired Jackie Cashin as Manager of Library Contract Procurement 6 months ago, upgraded website (please check it out @:, continued evaluation of contract relevance, continued maintenance of regional and local connections.
  3. New: Previously, there were 3 Library contracts (L50, L51, & L52 ) and upcoming will be a 4th: MC15-L53: “Library Equipment, Related Software, and Service (separated out from L50). Bid posts begins 10/01/2015, Bid Opens on 11/12/2015, Contract is to be awarded 02/01/2016.
  4. MHEC Future Expectations: strengthening marketing position in New England, expanding MHEC library and municipal contracts throughout New England, and continuation of pursuing strategic partnerships where beneficial.
  5. Also briefly mentioned MHEC moved to an electronic platform called BID EXPRESS for vendors.
  6. Ed Save – “comparable to “deals in Bob’s Pit”. Basically: deep discounts from vendors to move their stuff. Comes out in an email blast monthly and is also listed on the website.
  7. Branding mention: moving away from previous branding and towards “” and billing as “New England’s Premier Group Purchasing Consortium”.

Julie Cashin, MHEC Library Contract Procurement Manager

  1. Demonstrated navigating the upgraded website. When you use MHEC, suggests going to all information for contact to get full discount information.And use links to contracts for full information for purchasing depts. at your institution.
  2. Results are now tabular, choose new search to clear previous search and results.
  3. Using keyword search: if MHEC doesn’t have an item, you will get a blank screen. Example: type in banana….doesn’t have any food items so you get a blank screen as an indicator. Second example used: keyword search ice melt. Results yields all vendors with ice melt products.

Betsey Meaden, MLS Business & Human Resources Director

  1. The MLS link is now right on the MHEC webpage.

MLS/MHEC Questions and Answers after the presentations::

“What is the likelihood of updating vendors in L52 print subscriptions management?”

Reply:”Next scheduled for June-July 2016.”

“Regarding library supplies, any other suppliers as Demco is great, but other suppliers are shrinking?”

Reply:” Brodart is on the contract list of vendors.”

“What about Basch subscriptions, an increase and a percentage were noticed in the new fiscal year billing at one library?”

Reply: “Are they meeting the specified 2.5 % service charge negotiated in the contract or is it exceeding the negotiated price? If so, contact Jackie at MHEC immediately.”

“Regarding Edsave: can we be notified with an email about savings?”

Reply:“MHEC sends out an email blast monthly with the Ed Save information.”

“(in reference to the spreadsheet MLS that maintains with pricing information,etc: how will the spreadsheet (which is important to the Tech. Services Group) evolve?”

Reply: The worksheet is updated by Shirley MacClean. The worksheet is being redone in December 2015 and there will be one update in March 2016. For printing out, try using a larger size…perhaps 11 x 17 size.

Janet Schrader, Head of Cataloging, C/WMars:

Cataloging Questions:

  • Observation: “see also” and cross references are not working very well.
  • RDA fast headings: basically are bisac headings.
  • Noticing an inundation of self published items and how best to handle them? “

Response: regarding Print on demand, vanity printing, etc.: Previously when there weren’t so many prolific items, C/W Mars policy was to allow attachment of the item to the original edition record, but with the notation “c.2 is a facsimile”.

Current “Print on demand” policy: Accepts most catalogers everywhere are using a new record for the reprints nowadays. So creating a new record with a note on the bibliographic record to mention/point to  “original edition published by: and date….etc, is okay.”

Evergreen 2.8 Upgrade Highlights

  • Capable of searching UPC numbers (found on the back of cds, dvds,), it works as a keyword search.
  • Publishers are now indexed & can be combined in keyword searches.
  • Uniform title index: searches 130 (main entry), 240 (uniform title variants), and 730 (added entry) fields
  • For Academics: filter in place now for E-Serials: filter does work, but records may still need reingesting (Janet is trying to keep print Serials out of the e-Serials filter, but it is not quite working yet.) Request: let Janet know of any problems with any icons/searching
  • Problem: cds without 007 fields (there are 6K of them in the system) come up as “Music Format Unknown”. Janet already edited 5000 records for “speed” [z or u] in the 007 field.
  • Playaways now have an icon: “digital media player”.
  • At the meeting, we were not able to see a demo of the upcoming Evergreen Web-Based Client, so several functions were mentioned instead:
  • We won’t have to download as long as we have an internet connection.
  • Circulation may be available in 6 months while all others are still being  developed.
  • Cataloging testing the web based client
  •  Iimprovement in the reading of the MARC RECORD
  • There is one screen with multiple tabs and you can make a particular tab your default.
  • Still have to go to Holdings View for Templates
  • Doing away with Actions menu
  • Instead of having to manage parts and saving in several steps, we will be able to type right in the box and save. Additionally, when you are typing, if it is already listed in there, as you type, it will show you.
  • Bug is already fixed. Note: When Evergreen was updated to 2.7, Dan Pearl’s link that merged parts broke. Dan had previously created code that would put them in order: first sorts by call #., then sorts by part. In Serials, if you include a date or year in the call #, it will sort as listed above.
  • When we do get to the web based Evergreen client, YES, we will have to redo the templates. Janet is looking into better template management: shared vs. putting on every log on.
  • A reminder to those who haven’t voted yet on Launchpad Bug, please do so regarding development for keeping the “Add Volumes link” that is not in the web-based client as Janet had kindly outlined in a previous email. As of meeting day, there are 50 people who have given a priority vote…we need your vote,too.
  • If a library has a lot of prefixes, C/W Mars will create them for you. Contact Janet.

Alex Reckowski and Making Connections beyond Western Massachusetts

  • Requested a show of hands if anyone belonged to either NETSL (New England Technical Services Librarians) or other ALA affiliated organizations?

Response:  There was not much response to this question.

  • Requested a show of hands if anyone is using RFID?

Response: West Springfield Library is and Eileen Chapman kindly spoke about the process for the LIbrary.

It is quick and easy to put the tags on: print is very easy, multimedia is more difficult. Example given: it has taken about a month for 5 people using a 5 bin sorter.

Eileen suggests that when you are considering building  new or renovating, it may be a good time to consider including RFID in the original plan. It needs a room/space of its’ own  and you will already have to touch every item anyway during those processes, so it wouldn’t be separately labor intensive. Techlogic is their selected company and West Springfield Library is willing to invite other library staff to come to visit to check this out after early January 2016.

Hope to see you at the next meeting, which will be scheduled in March or April 2016!

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Technical Services Roundtable Meeting Notes at South Hadley Public Library, 12-5-2014

(Notes based loosely on meeting agenda)

Introductions – approximately 20 people in attendance.
Supply swap – successful exchange of Periodical/Journal Display covers. Thank you, Williamstown!
Sue Mulry – Request for assistance taking notes. Alas, no volunteers.
MHEC/MLS with Catherine Utt, MHEC Business Manager and Stacy Wikar, Director of Operations at the Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium.
• Catherine briefly recapped information from her first meeting with our group she attended approximately six months ago.
Currently: There is a breakout price list on the web as of August 2014. Link: .
Upcoming: There will be a Library Contract Manager hired who solely will work with MHEC discounting/vendors/libraries, etc. MHEC procured the funding and just finished interviewing the candidate finalists. Just a reminder: this position is being funded with the one percent funding retained by MHEC (if you want the backstory – read through previous TSRT notes for all of 2014). After the hiring process is complete and the person is in the position, they will be introduced to our group in a future meeting.
• Responses to some questions about Gaylord codes: As of 12/31/2014, Demco has purchased Gaylord’s general library items division (Gaylord will only strictly be selling Archival Division products going forward). Question: What direct link resource to cross reference through Demco absorbed? Suggestion: go to through the Library Store for most items no longer available as of 12/31/2014. The contract will end in the late Spring 2015. MHEC will have the newly minted Contract Manager negotiate a new contract. Carolyn asked about a better deal/break? Reply suggestion: “Use the cross reference list to see if Demco will match most cost of items. Be aware: There are shipping issues. Discounts will still be provided with no minimum required for purchasing, but shipping has minimum requisites. Suggestion from Catherine: buy/stock up on items BEFORE 12/31/2014.
• As of January 1, 2014 the “Lib Guide for Purchasing” is on the MLS website: The link on the web is: or you can go to then click on MLSGuides , scroll to “browse by subject section”. Click once on “Purchasing” to open it up, then click on “Purchasing Cooperative”.
• Response to a question from Bobbin regarding Staples Discount with account for Meekins Library: Reply: email MHEC directly to resolve.
• There was a request for Catherine Utt to please use the ALL REGIONS LIST for the information she will send us after the meeting via email. Catherine sent the email December 5th and provided this link: “Please refer to our Purchasing Coop Guide at the following link for more information:
• There will be a feedback survey for ALL LIBRARIES to fill out before the new contract manager begins negotiations on the vendor contracts that are due to expire late Spring 2015.
Making connections beyond Western Mass?: Anyone belong to any organizations such as MLS, NETSL, or ALA? Answer: one person is serving a one year position on the Academic Libraries Task Force Planning and two people belong to ALA.
Anyone using Acquisitions? Which vendors and why: Some libraries are using Ingram and Amazon, some using B&T and Ingram. Consensus among users are: B & T has better bib records (less brief records). There was a small discussion and definition about “rental ready” on Amazon items. “Rental Ready” is published quickly to get it on the market so it doesn’t have special features. And the “street” date is listed on the package.
• “B & T” “grid”: Suggestion on how to use this feature: you can apply Evergreen parameters, then Exported records come in the set-up. Eliminates extra steps for copy information. More consensus: Electronic ordering and invoicing is “great”.
• CW Mars Rep. Janet S. addressed libraries using Acquisitions with the suggestion it would be helpful to edit the record with the addition of a field that states, “This is blue-ray” or “Has special features” to differentiate the different media of the copies. Question about B & T after the isbn or is there a three letter code?
• Janet requests: Please overlay the record yourself or request the Cat. Center to overlay the record for you. When attaching, even though it is not your order record, request the bib record to be overlayed, even though The C/W Mars Network Membership Policy states, “It is the responsibility of the library putting the record in Evergreen to make sure the order record is overlayed with the full bibliographic record.”
Cataloging with Janet Schrader, C/W Mars
Self – published items needing original cataloging take 50 percent of the Cataloging Center’s time.
Libraries using Cat Express: the records are now being loaded by Amy by 7:00 a.m. the next morning!
Parts: “You have to use a part whenever you are cataloging “a piece” of whatever the bibliographic record is for: ex. 4 discs. DISC ONE: Spoils of War ( in this case the number of discs and title to watch in order is the most benefit for the user)
• Second example on parts: ex. Title: Breaking Bad and you need to separate the discs out: DISC 1, DISC 2, DISC 3 OR DISC 1-2, DISC 3-4.
• Third example on parts: ex. Title: “Roosevelts” discs and episode numbers.
Update on Parts: for journals: can now sort in alphabetical or chronological order but cannot sort by most current issue because there is only one sort key.
Instructions on parts: There is a link on the staff website for instructions on standardized parts:
• Notification of incorrect or duplication on parts: please email the cat center with information at:
Cataloging with Janet Schrader, C/W Mars –Upcoming 2.6 Release Features
We are not yet ready for 2.6: when it was tested on the training server, searching slowed down. A lot. C/W Mars contracted with Equinox to cover all the servers, training server included. The Hardware failure in November was a faulty disk drive. There are 2 servers: one for reports, one for production/training. What will be done now is that 2.5 will be re-installed on the server, then 2.6 will be loaded, and after, there will be a request for libraries to test. Next viable dates mentioned are for February 2015.
Icons: there are more icons in the release: DVD combo pack: will show each dvd icon together: one for the blue-ray, one for the dvd so you can tell right away it is a set.
• Grouped searches: 2.6 searches in the pac can be “grouped”. When you go into Advanced Search, (title example used: “Pelican Brief”). there is a button at the bottom of the search screen in the corner that will need to be checked off: Group formats & edition. (*Please note: the people present in our group today did NOT like that is shows in one bib in the list. There will be a request in development for only the title to show on that screen so that then the user can click to show the individual formats associated with that title)*.
Question raised about an icon for puzzles and an icon for puppets? Janet showed us the icons for large print book, cd audiobook, playaway, book, ebook, music sound recording, and downloadable e-audio.
Multiple isbns of other formats for hardcover, paperback: on valid isbn is the match on the item in subfield a, all others should be in a subfield z.
Reporting incorrect isbn: Only valid isbns show on the DISPLAY bib record screen (first screen – Title ex.: Sycamore Row. You still must look at the Bibliographic record field to point your match correctly.
Z39.50 Importing: brief records: you can create bib records for kits, museum passes, equipment. There are templates now that are Marc workforms! Find “Create Marc Records” in drop down menu. Example: Video game. The fields are editable, example: video game cartridge can be edited to cd-rom, etc. **On the website, under Cataloging, select Summary of List & subfield codes for Marc records. Can print it out.
Using Copy buckets: similar to item status, but permanent. First, scan in a list of barcodes that you want to manipulate with Actions., such as weeding, or to change some attributes either temporarily Ex: Seasonal or permanently. Once the items are in the bucket, highlight the desired items, then click on EDIT ITEM ATTRIBUTES. You can move from bucket to pending then move to a new bucket. Janet will create and post documentation for working with buckets on the C/W Mars Library website under Cataloging.
Random notations
• One more mention of a 2.6 release function you can see in our catalog now. It is not activated yet because C/W Mars has not turned it on as there are a lot of problems with cross –referencing. Only can be seen in the catalog at this point, not the Client. Go to C/W Mars. Log into MyAccount, then backspace over Home to /browse.
• Moving forward, C/W Mars has contracted with Equinox to load authority records, then re-index the authority records when we are upgraded to the 2.6 Evergreen release. There is hope for more Authority Control in the coming year (2015). Prior, there was not enough funding.
• Tim Spindler is merging duplicate records for online resources. He will no longer be able to do this when we steps into the Director positon. He has also forwarded for development: a request for ease with batch editing of records.
• Current problem with wrong/incorrect cover images from Content Café. There is a fix but need a better way because she would have to download the record again to eliminate the original. Also, Content Café no longer shows covers that are linked to a UPC code.
**For those of you who left promptly at noon: Janet mentioned RDA. She will be sending out a message about the OCLC deadline and RDA records  in  2015.**
ADDITIONAL ANNOUNCEMENT FROM A FELLOW PUBLIC LIBRARY MEMBER AT THE CLOSE OF THE MEETING: Get a group of people together: There is an organization “The Massachusetts Library Aid Association” that will award small grants to a library group such as TSRT.” She suggested we apply for a grant to hire a Teacher for RDA for the group as this is NOT training that C/W MARS will offer to the consortium. I could not find an IP address for a website, only this link for facebook: .

I did also find some information for 2014 deadline already passed. Information copied and pasted below: “This is a reminder that the deadline for submitting requests for scholarship, staff development or continuing education funds from the Massachusetts Library Aid Association is August 21, 2014 . There are three opportunities available:
1) Scholarship aid for library staff who are in a MLS granting program.
2) Continuing education funds for library staff (either MLS or paralibrary staff) who wish to take a course.
3) A staff development opportunity that a small library may request for its whole staff.
Please read through each application to determine your eligibility. Applications must be submitted online to

1) Massachusetts Library Aid Association 2014 Scholarship Program
The Massachusetts Library Aid Association (MLAA) Committee on Aid to Small Public Libraries is pleased to announce its Scholarship Program for the fall 2014 term. MLAA is a private foundation. The purpose of this program is to subsidize training in Library and Information Science for librarians and library staff who are presently employed in small Massachusetts public libraries. Please note this offer is available only for persons working in public libraries. This is not an MBLC sponsored grant program; however we have worked in partnership with MLAA for more than seventy years.
Prospective applicants must be currently employed in a Massachusetts public library; may not hold an MLS already and must work in a community of 35,000 or under. The applicant’s annual salary may not exceed $35,000.
Small grants (ranging from $350-500) may be given to cover courses and training programs which must be directly applicable to public library service. Please note this Scholarship Program is intended to help individuals who lack a MLS degree to make progress in completing their education.
Occasionally a small amount of additional money is available for a travel allowance for those commuting 80 miles or more. Previous grant awardees may apply; however, in no case will more than three awards be made to an individual. .

Two other opportunities include:

2) Propose a Staff Development plan that improves and updates staff members’ ability to conduct library operations and services efficiently and effectively, resulting in better service to library users. The training selected, however, should not be similar to courses offered on a regular basis by the Massachusetts Library System (MLS).
Such a plan might involve a series of workshops, seminars or training sessions in which some or all library staff participates. An outside trainer or consultant may be brought in to conduct a training session. Examples might include training in electronic hardware or software, reference specialties (medical, business, consumer, etc.), public relations effectiveness, non-network automation, and so forth. Use Staff Development Application (see attached).

3) An individual staff member may propose taking course such as one offered through ALA or a continuing education class such as those offered by Simmons College or other LIS programs (either online or in person). The course must be taken this fall and completed before Dec. 2014. Use Continuing Education Application (see attached) .
Training opportunities may be investigated at: or

All libraries or individuals receiving grants are also expected to submit a brief report upon completion of the training (January 2015).

The Staff Development Program of MLAA does not replace the Scholarship Program conducted by the Association for many years. The Scholarship Program is intended to help individuals who lack a MLS degree to make progress in completing their education. In all cases, courses or training must be taken between the dates of September, 2014 and December 2014

The application deadline for fall is Thursday August 21, 2014. Applications must be received by this date and no applications will be considered after this deadline. Notification will take place after Labor Day.”

Application forms are attached to this email. Please email completed application to Rachel Masse, Administrative Assistant to the Library Advisory Unit of the MBLC. by 4:00 p.m. August 21, 2014.
Questions? Please contact or call 617 725 1860 x235 for any clarification. After August 8 please contact Rachel Masse (x 228) directly if you need assistance.”

My suggestion for a future agenda item: Let’s consider filling out a grant application for the 2015 year for the Technical Services Roundtable Group. If not for RDA training, then for something else equally beneficial. Any volunteers willing to consider serving on a sub-committee?

Happy Holidays, all!

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Technical Services Roundtable Meeting Notes at Holyoke Public Library, 6/9/2014

Notes based loosely on Agenda

      1. Usual individual introductions, nametags, and placards with names at each seating.

  1. Carolyn Platt inquired about note-taking to assist Susan Mulry with the notes: no response/no volunteers.
  1. Announcement made regarding Jim Keenan and the Evergreen User Group Experience seminar taking place right in this building from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m., after our T.S.R.T. meeting.
  1. Lunch count: small group/no reservation needed.
  1. MHEC/MLS Discussion. In attendance representing MLS today was Catherine Utt , Business Director, and representing MHEC, Stacey Wikar, Director of Operations. To initiate discussion, Alex R. of Pittsfield Athenaeum summarized the issues plaguing our group for the past 2 years, based on the letter he previously sent to MHEC/MLS in April 2014. The letter, represented our issues and an invitation to attend our meeting today. Catherine thanked Alex for his letter and acknowledged our frustration. She stated the letter helped MLS to see the issues. She also stated that the complexity of the new system may be part of the issue: she cited the example of book covers and now having to check for sales which may be less expensive than the group price.  Vicky T. of Chelmsford Public Library also reminded MLS that currently we have to pay for shipping and did not have to pay previously. She also noted that with the current system, you can’t tell you are getting the best price, either. Catherine acknowledged the difficulties with using the shopping cart component. Catherine also reminded the group that the MARLS CONTRACT was negotiated in 2008 so prices are not accurately reflected currently. The biggest focus is going to be on COMMUNICATION going forward. We have to be able to find the list on the website. MLS and MHEC would love to get librarians more involved in the process. She explained about Ebsco and how they were only giving volume discounts to new customers and walked away, not willing to renegotiate for existing customers. One bigger benefit that has emerged from this issue is trying to eliminate the bid process libraries have to use. There was a question about MHEC vendors paying a percentage to MHEC. (For a comprehensive background on the history of MHEC, please visit Brief Background: MHEC was originally created by U-Mass Amherst, then used by all colleges in Massachusetts. Eventually they became their own quasi 501C3 (tax exempt) agency. They always charged membership dues whereas Consortiums offer memberships free. Ellen Bickleman, State Purchasing Agent of OSD (Operational Services Division) mirrored most cooperatives that charge one percent. MLS talked to MHEC: give one year and see what fund totals: ½ percent which is 80-100K. Here’s how the money is used: John Ramsey and the 5 colleges procured a 2 year grant for the Western Mass Newspaper Databases. So, 25K funding the first year of the seed fund, 16K the next year. Then after the 2nd year it was hoped to be self-sustaining.

Another problem cited in the letter to MLS: Chelmsford Public Library was looking for support in a vendor/library dispute with Ingram but MLS was non-responsive. Answer: Regarding Ingram, the addendum was in the bid response and NOT in the information given to the Library. Again, poor communication was acknowledged and working toward better communication with a specific liaison to the libraries for future vendor disputes. Right now, MLS is looking to fund 2 positions: Library/Vendor Liasion and IT contract Manager. Another question asked of MLS: where is the list of prices for Demco, Gale, etc.? Catherine Utt is in the process of putting out a LIBGUIDE with a list of contacts and major vendors with a direct link to the database for outside the usual. She qualified that that this is a work in progress and requested we let them know as it goes on what may need to be added. What the takeaway from the letter and today’s meeting is that they have heard us and need to be more proactive with communication. Susan M. asked if there was a defined timeline for the lib guide to be available: The response: It is completed and has been ready for several weeks now, but she is adding more information. Feedback to MHEC and the group: if a library can get a better price than what is listed, please let them know (MLS and MHEC) so that they can then use that information as a bargaining tool with the vendor and procure that price for all within our organization. To contact: Catherine Utt, Business Director of MLS, located at 225 Cedar Hill Street, Suite 229, Marlborough, Ma 01752, phone number: 866-627-7228, toll free in Massachusetts, email to: And lastly, the MLS website address:

Question from Alex R.- please talk more about the list, does it have “firm pricing”?, Catherine’s reply was yes, the list has firm pricing. Demco and Gaylord tried catalog net discount pricing. It didn’t work, so now going back to a firm discount. Bottom line: “Will always have to price around to some degree, can’t avoid it completely”. Reply from MHEC: MHEC can change the shopping cart list by adding to it so please send them emails to add items and products. Another question was asked: why is W.B. Mason no longer on the list? Reply from MHEC: “They missed the deadline. They showed up late and the bidding was already closed.” On a positive note, there is a move to get going on procuring a new committee and a new staff person added on, they can work on W.B. Mason and possibly Brodart as well for the next round. MHEC suggestion: After the position is filled, please invite the new staff to our next Technical Service Roundtable meeting. Contact information for MHEC and email pricing: An addendum aside from Catherine Utt of MLS: Also keep inviting a staff person from each org. (MLS and MHEC) if you want a voice in Cooperative Pricing.

6: Janet Schrader – Evergreen questions: Fielding a complaint about shelf call number browse not working completely properly, Janet said this has to do with when we moved the classification scheme to Evergreen from Millenium: Tim had to create: LC/dewey/or generic. And Prefixes right now are not indexed. The group says it would be nice to have them indexed so Janet recommended liking the open ticket on MASSLNC. Like it and if it gets enough likes, it may be moved up in priority. Eileen Cullinan of Chicopee Public is in the process of transitioning children’s books that have an accompanying cd and interfiling them as CD Juvenile book and cd. She is looking for some ideas on how best to reflect this. Pittsfield Library suggested looking at their catalog as they have used the work READALONG right in the call number. Another option: most libraries are using contents notes.

A question was then asked: What about new icons for blue ray, etc.? Reply -they may show up in higher releases. Janet also mentioned that we can do all now in the current release (2.4) that we can still do with the upgrade to 2.5 taking place on June 15th, except changing font size in gray. A tip: if your search yields large search results, go the the url box, arrow over to where the page number is, change the page number from the current page number to the next desired number higher up in the range and it will bring you to the next page after: example: page 1, type in page 12, brings you to page 13.

More tips and tricks:

  • Choose: Admin/workstation admin/Global font/Save: Anything in Evergreen area that is highlighted will be larger once selected.
  • At Advanced search screen: do control and + key: and will make the font larger or control and 9 will make font smaller.
  • Confused if the client or the OPAC? MARC records is listed at the bottom when viewing in the PAC/ and VIEW MARC RECORDS is at the top when in the client.
  • You can hide fields in your template that your library doesn’t use. It’s for all the templates in your library: NOT TEMPLATE BY TEMPLATE. It is part of the org unit. If you hide the field you use in some templates not others, and try to use that field, you will get a message saying it is not available. Then you will have to “unhide” in order to have that field viewable and editable.
  • Follow up answer to a question asked after most people left the meeting: Regarding older parts in the drop down menu. For example, beginning with the first entries and to avoid scrolling: Those older parts cannot be removed UNLESS they are no longer in use in anybody’s item record. See World Almanac title as an example.

New in Evergreen Release 2.5:

Browse the catalog/cross references: When you look up an invalid heading, it should now say see—–.

Equinox has decided to eliminate the extra click so has put in the narrower search term and Notes from the Authority record to explain, also. Equinox is responsible for all the authority record linking. So, when we come up on the upgraded release, BROWSE THE CATALOG CHOICE will be hidden until the “reingest” is completed. Once unveiled, you shouldn’t have to use double quotation marks around the phrase any more. Joan from Jones Library also requests that publisher search in the client be restored as it doesn’t exist anymore. Chelmsford Public Library (always testing the newest releases not issued to our C/W Mars Consortium yet) said that publisher searching is not indexed at all. Janet added that Jim has been working on if the publisher is in the 260 field and not the 264 field, it doesn’t show in the list so Jim will try to figure out why in the code written it isn’t showing in a particular spot. One more mention for C/WMars: our Consortium had a new library join: Egremont.


The next Technical Services Roundtable meeting will be held in October and tentatively scheduled at the Pittsfield Berkshire Athenaeum. Hope to see all your familiar, smiling faces there in the glorious New England Autumn!



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Technical Services Roundtable Meeting Notes, April 1, 2014

Meeting location: Chicopee Public Library

(Notes based loosely on Agenda Items)


  1. Introductions: approximately 28 people in attendance, one person from Chelmsford (NMRLS-Northeastern Massachusetts Regional Library System, part of the MVLC-Merrimack Valley Library Consortium), and one from Milford included in the count.


  1. Changing role of Technical Services/challenges/managing devices: Recently there was an e-reader stolen from an office at the Pittsfield Athenaeum. There was no security on it as it wasn’t ready for lending yet. It was mentioned there is a security feature (similar to “lo-jack” in a car) in some laptops, etc. or one that you can purchase (Ultimate Lo-Jack), but if the device is not turned on, you cannot track until then, so thieves may know that, too. One suggestion given: perhaps try utilizing “Google for business” (it is free for non-profits) for tracking devices. There were 4 libraries who spoke on circulating devices: some were purchased, some were donated. Library A: doesn’t lend out, but uses I-PADS for demos on resources. Library B: has 2-3 Kindles, 2-3 Nooks, and 2-3 IPADS. Library C: keeps their devices at the Reference desk. They have not been asked to catalog them because they are for demo purposes only. Library D: has kindles and nooks pre-loaded with best sellers. A great alternative, it is counted as another way to deliver a popular book/title to patrons. All the work takes place at the Ref. Desk: there, the item is created with a barcode and the 505, 700, and 740 fields are used as they are searchable. A signed agreement is established and kept on file for each patron, as well as a photocopy of a picture id with their current information and a check of their library account to make sure they are in good standing before lending takes place. It is not limited to their home public library residents, they allow all C/W Mars residents eligibility to take this out for 3 weeks, non-renewable. Just 2 weeks ago they loaded the latest titles, using gift cards purchased/donated by “friends of the library”. The pick-up and return is also conducted at the Reference Desk .


  1. General trends/changing roles: More public libraries are obtaining cataloging records on the front end with Acquisitions. There was a lot more cataloging in the past, now the challenge is cataloging before you have the actual book in hand! In one library the Head of Technical Services sees a lot less actual cataloging, time is dedicated to more generalized Evergreen Trouble shooting: requesting, opening tickets, monitoring fixes.



  1. Evolving Mass State Project: what it is/background: 51 selected libraries (academics, publics, specialized) taking part in a pilot project to “end digital lockout”. The Mass ebook project allows borrowing from multiple vendors. EBL (Ebook Library, a Proquest business) just came on board as a vendor in February. This MLS testing catalog is comprised of a unified search on three different platforms. B&T Access 360: (which is similar to Overdrive): 3 item maximum, one 21 day checkout, return book, up to 5 holds on item. Biblioboard: access: can read online, can download, available to everyone. EBL(Ebook Library Link) patrons will have access to over 170K titles and can preview any of them for a five minute period. More information on this project is on the MLS main website: Access will be offered to all libraries at the end of this calendar year. The Milford Town Library is taking part in the MA ebook Project Pilot, as well as Chelmsford Public Library. And in addition to both the MA ebook project and Overdrive, Chelmsford also offers registered patrons access to Hoopla (stream and download videos, music, & audiobooks), Freegal(download 3 DRM free songs per week), and Zinio (magazines-read online or download to a mobile device).


  1. Evolving Ebooks Question: does the state ebook project affect Overdrive? One library reported that B & T Access 360 has signed 3 or 4 of the 5 big publishers so getting big/best sellers. In using B&T public fiction/nonfiction source, it is easier to use this website than Overdrive. Biblioboard is also an easier site to use, especially since you can create your own collections/exhibits/digitize the town’s yearbooks. Open-sourced! West Springfield library voiced a question because their library puts money to Overdrive so there is a future budgetary concern. The reply given was that both would “live side by side” for a while. Overdrive is access for one for the whole region. Current policy is for every 5 holds another book copy of a title is added, so it is dependent upon usage. Question was requested for price comparison: Reply given: The state ebook is grant and donation funded for the pilot project so not known yet. Janet added if Libraries digitize yearbooks, you will be given a link to the content so you can have a bib record in our Evergreen PAC (It is loaded as a MARC record with a URL). If you buy databases, do load in the bib record. “One click Digital” will provide the MARC record with the URL SO C/W Mars will accept loading those MARC Records. A Question came up: how to tell how many copies on hold? : # of copy library has, # of holds comes up when you place a hold (shows up as a box on the right side of the screen).You receive a digital notice it is your turn BUT 2 days after the digital notice, your hold lapses and goes to the next person on the list if you don’t act on the notice.


  1. There were no specific cataloging questions from the group for Janet Schrader today.


  • Upgrades/Releases:A mention reminder from Janet: C/W Mars tests at least one full month before an upgrade to a higher release occurs.
  • Regarding Evergreen Development Requests: In the Evergreen Community: a wish list goes out to the whole community to see if it gets support.
  • And a reminder that you can catalog almost “everything”. One library is cataloging “Wilton Character Cake Pans”. Another library is a seed library for cataloging seeds.
  • PARTS: The Consortium that Chelmsford belongs to has a trigger or flag in the bib record which forces a part for all items added.
  • There was a dvd “combo” pack Question for Janet & the C/W Mars Consortium: “We are continuing to have separate records for “blue ray, dvd, rental, enhanced, early sales, accompanying dvd, etc.” Examples: Gravity. Kill Your Darling.
  • Gentle reminder: If you are moving an item to another record, you must delete the part first.
  • Any libraries using Overdrive Advantage? Worcester Public is. Worcester could buy a copy of Goldfinch and only their patrons can use it. A question resulted: Does it mess with hold counts? Reply: not known at this time. Overdrive titles only get released in the Overdrive box at the right: AVAILABLE FORMATS, EDITION, SUBJECTS, copies available: Library copies:
  • Version control: Next release of Evergreen will have “Meta holds”. Development to bring meta holds back. You can select what format you want to place the holds. Example: dvd, audio, etc. Right now the bib has a 007 field so can search, but limits only by what is first in the field. Example: combo pack, blue ray/dvd.


  1. Mass Broadband Initiative, will it change your life? Question was asked, “Does any library expect not to connect? No replies. For current information from MLS, please visit this link:


  1. Deleting items question: In the C/W Mars Consortium, no one uses suppression for lost/missing. Each library has different policies, and Pittsfield gave a general example of their previous policy: “anything lost for six months is suppressed, then deleted after one year.” Several libraries mentioned Juvenile materials tend to come back after six months and there are some confusing choices. In the consortium Chelmsford belongs to, all are suppressed. “Billing is supposed to be majorly overhauled, too.”


  1. What is everyone doing now that Ebsco was terminated from the MHEC vendor list? The only other MHEC subscription provider is Basch, if you wish to avoid having to go out to bid. (asked by Academic Library, STCC). Additional group question: Why is it off the list? Reply: MHEC’s funding is through a one percent fee charged to all vendors. Ebsco was passing that surcharge on to the customers on MHEC illegally, thus violating the contract with the state of Massachusetts. Again, Basch was mentioned as provider, but no information given. For more information on this company, see website address: or use the MHEC database. There is a desire among this group to send a message to MHEC & MLS expressing displeasure at not meeting our needs. Alex and Vickie (from Chelmsford) will draft the “displeasure” memo to MHEC & MLS. The Academic group, MCCLPHEI, ( is also sending a message of displeasure. Vendors were once again mentioned: there are small discounts for a lot more work than when it was managed by WRMLS, who had to turn it over when it became merged as MLS. Then after one year, MLS turned it over to MHEC pricing online. One library mentioned Brodart. While not on the MHEC vendor list, gives 25 percent discount to previous MLS system users. Catching sales are sometimes better than the straight discount pricing, according to another library. Gaylord Representatives appear to be on the ball for that library: if the rep. sees an electronic order and find better pricing, they notify the library, unsolicited. Pittsfield City Library uses WB Mason & and the end of the fiscal year, buys bulk on supplies such as tape, paper as they are giving the library the same discount as the city receives, and there is next day delivery.
  • Some more Cataloging mentions from Janet Schrader: Please don’t put information in the 505 contents note field that doesn’t pertain to the table of contents. The 590 field is where it belongs but the field is currently not indexed /set up yet to display in the catalog yet.
  • At the Evergreen conference Janet attended, it was brought up that libraries want to add local notes. You can have a note and a subfield nine (added to the url in the bib record and acts as an item to put it in your local catalog). Academics use it for online resources and publics use it with Mango digitization. Subfield 9: has the library short name: examples: HCC, ELMS, STCC. By the way, please note Janet cannot delete a bib record with a subfield nine in it. There is work being done on making text searchable and display in the pac. Also there are requests in development to make easier access to creating copy notes.


  • To see the Evergreen Development requests: Google/Evergreen Launchpad/link/BUGS (also discusses wish list and enhancements):

a.) easier access to create copy notes

b.) ability to print MARC records with copy notes

c.) add 3rd button next to ADD VOLUMES AND VIEW MARC: a button for MARC EDIT.


  • New Feature in 2.5 Release: Browse the catalog shows title you typed in with bold face and other surrounding titles.
  • In order to have authority records show : l.) have to run 2 linking scripts: subfield o with number=authority record to which that bib is linked. Janet mentioned a nice feature about authority records in Evergreen: they can be edited and then the system updates all others linked. 2.)Also have to have 2nd link to “see also” example: Mark Twain – Samuel Clemens. 3.) will also have to “reingest (re-index) the authority process: example: make Stephen King, see also “Bachman, Steve”, a “clickable link”. Once on the release, some reingests can be done live. Cross references are coming too.


  • Cataloging reminders:
  • Look at the MARC record in Evergreen before adding a record. (eliminates duplicate bib records in the database).
  • More information has been added to “Show more details”.
  • Having preferred library setting is a big help in the workstation setting (ADMIN-PREFERRED LIBRARY (at the top)
  • Answer to question: does personal preferences override the workstation setting? Have to log in on the PAC and change.
  • Is there is a possibility to show more details as a default? Not known at this time.
  • Janet will ask Jim K.because right now the search screen in the client is the same as the PAC screen.
  • Reminder: Specific things you want for searching, send an email to Janet or Jim.
  • In the future release: control + plus sign will enlarge text. (Chelmsford uses all the keyboard shortcuts as shown in the drop down menus).
  • Libraries that use Acquisitions load vendor records into Evergreen. Cat Express records get loaded in, too. Sometimes, it is not a “good record”. Please remember: encoding level 3 records are ABBREVIATED records, not full OCLC records. The library that loads those level 3 records is responsible for seeing that they are updated to a full oclc record. If you see one that needs to overlayed, please request it so your item can be attached to a full oclc record.
  • Copy buckets: item status only stays until you close the tab. Make edits there, can print to excel , save to CSV so what you have in your bucket can be manipulated.

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