March 16th meeting notes

  • Carolyn Platt from the Jones Library in Amherst is moderating
  • Jeremy Goldstein from Worcester Public is taking notes
  • Meeting notes will be posted here immediately following future meetings, and may be posted to the WMRLS mailing list as well.
  • This blog was set up to host the meeting notes, but we can certainly expand it’s use to stay in communication.  If anyone would like to be added as an editor or if you just want a chance to play around with wordpress, e-mail Jeremy


  • Web access of to up to the minute DDC schedules via OCLC
  • Can assist in building dewey numbers by subject headings
  • keyword searchable
  • Group rate would apply if 2 or more libraries are interested
  • C/W Mars would arrange for billing for libraries interested in the group rate
  • Individual price is $260 per year for full version, $205 if group discount
  • Abridged edition is $75 vs. $58
  • E-mail Janet if interested in group rate (assuming e-mail is working 🙂 )
  • For further information on Web Dewey’s here’s OCLC’s website

Supply Order Tracking

  • Suggestion of using Excel spreadsheets to organize orders

Springfield’s Database offerings

  • Springfield has created a list of their databases on their website.
  • Whenever possible Gayle Ball has also created item records with matching URL links and access instructions contained in public note fields
  • C/W Mars staff page has instructions for creating item records for electronic resources
  • Can also e-mail Gayle Ball with questions

Evergreen Cataloging Migration Concerns

  • All item records must have a single, unique barcode
  • Does not support URL’s in item records, they exist at the bibliographic record level
  • There’s a subfield for scopes
  • Sue Hopkins has corrected e-brary records as a start
  • The Worcester Library has had to remove extraneous barcodes from about 116,000 items
  • C/W Mars has not yet run reports of problem item records on the Western server
  • It has been discovered that a number of diacritic marks located in call numbers cause problems with the loader for Evergreen
  • Tim Spindler has begun correcting call numbers on the server to prevent errors
  • Catalogers should be careful when cutting and pasting the names of authors because of this problem
  • It’s possible that diacritics can be used again once we are migrated over to Evergreen
  • Also a problem with items with two subfield A’s in the call number (|a included in addition to implicit subfield)
  • Will be notifying libraries of items that don’t include call numbers (some libraries did not use call numbers for fiction).  C/W Mars can globally update to an extent (i.e. add FICTION to everything)
  • Circulation statistical fields (total circulations, total renewals, last out date, etc…) and record creation dates will not migrate

Delivery and Barcode Placement

  • Statewide delivery wants barcodes in the top left corner of the cover of all items
  • At this time, libraries are not required to move barcodes on older items, but that may be forthcoming
  • Once auto sorting is instituted, libraries with a large portion of circulating items with barcodes placed incorrectly may be excluded from delivery services
  • Quite a few attendees have the sense that this barcode placement WILL become a requirement in the future
  • The Massachusetts Statewide Delivery Committee has a FAQ, follow this link
  • Bayscan offers a barcode scanner/printer for around $700
  • A few libraries have begun correcting barcodes already as items are checked in
  • Joan Kranich at C/W Mars can be e-mailed for further information

Local Author Subject Headings

  • Bib committee has voted on allowing local author subject headings for individual communities
  • Can E-mail Janet Schrader a list of local authors
  • Janet will investigate the possibility of scoping local authors subject headings
  • Search the catalog for authors, local–Massachusetts for examples
  • Some difficulty caused by authors who moved around a lot (i.e. Robert Frost)

Cataloging E-Readers

  • A format code has been added for e-readers
  • Janet has added instructions for creating brief Marc records, both with and without content, on the staff page

Evergreen Training

  • C/W Mars has begun adding documentation to the staff page, sorted by function
  • Many screen shots included
  • Training server will be available at the beginning of April (beware of April Fool’s Day).  There was a slight delay caused by the need to install an additional electrical panel
  • Tim Spindler has begun webinars with coordinators to set up admin accounts
  • We’re five minutes AHEAD of schedule!!!

Evergreen OPAC

  • Catalog is “currently in flux”
  • King County had been working to develop a new skin for the OPAC, along with features for e-commerce and reading history
  • Their OPAC has been plagued by performance issues, and they have temporarily removed faceting in order to speed up response times
  • They have now opted to begin a redesign…of the redesign
  • Expecting to launch the new version this Summer
  • Much of the functionality is being moved to work server side, along with coding changes from Java Script to PERL
  • As of now, C/W Mars is working on a basic design using the default Evergreen skin
  • We will be keeping an eye on King Country’s progress and will likely change over to it once it becomes available, will not be until after the academic libraries migration at least
  • No separate children’s scope will be available at launch
  • This is being fast tracked through development right now and C/W Mars is monitoring progress via Bibliomation
  • As of now it looks like reading histories will not migrate to Evergreen, but patrons can export their histories from the Millennium OPAC.  Announcement will be forthcoming
  • Reading history within Evergreen is a part of King County’s development work, and while it is likely this will be ready at launch, it cannot be guaranteed at this time
  • Content Cafe and LibraryThing for Libraries will carry over

Further Evergreen Discussion

  • Question raised about how member libraries should push for future development and how funding of those developments would work
  • No attendees are able to fully answer that question, talk to Joan Kuklinski or Tim Spindler, have library representatives pursue at Users Councils, read up on developments at the MassLNC site and via Tim’s blog on teh C/W Mars page
  • Executive Committee has been focused on day one functionality and have not fully discussed ongoing development at this time
  • MVLC migrating Memorial Day weekend, academics July 4th weekend, public libraries Columbus Day weekend, then Noble in January

Future Meetings

  • Wednesday morning seems to work, possibly in June, and hopefully coupled with a second meeting
  • Friends of Western Mass libraries (sadly not WMRLS any longer) organizing bus trip to statehouse for legislative day
  • C/W Mars will be organizing cataloging meetings in both central and western…possibly in April
  • Huge thanks to Carolyn for organizing the meeting, and Mary Wheeler for organizing food for today’s meeting

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