Whately Meeting – May 19, 2011

Carolyn Platt brought the meeting to order at 10:03 a.m.

The notes will be emailed to everyone on the contact list / sign-in form

WRMLS Friends are now Western Mass Library Advocates

  • Lynn Coakley has membership forms
  • They are funding a go-away picnic for the drivers
  • Dec. 1, 2011 would have been the 50th anniversary of the region; there will be a party
“Street dates” on New Books
  • Carolyn has a concern that some folks are not following this
  • The consensus is that items are catalogued before street dates but remain “in process” until the street date
  • Libraries sign agreements with vendors not to release items ahead of time

This discussion evolved into discussion of holds management for new/popular books

  • Some libraries check-out the new materials to a “display card” to keep it in their libraries
  • There was discussion that walk-in status is allowed when a library has more than one copy of a book
  • Janet Schrader explained Evergreen’s Age-based holds protection
  • These matters are best addressed by Resource Sharing committees
Technical Services Advisor in MLS
  • Carolyn Platt feels that some of the administration and coordination
  • Dodie Gaudet used to provide this service from WRMLS, and now these responsibilities are falling upon other people
  • Looking for leadership from the state level
  • Janet Schrader pointed out that this is not just a “Western” issue and that this issue has come up before.
  • There was a suggestion to invite Greg P. to the next meeting
  • The RDA workshop will be re-scheduled
  • The group discussed options for running the meeting in the future and pros and cons of being “unofficial”
  • Eileen Chapman suggested looking at old job descriptions of Dodie & Tina to evaluate what support the group might want from MLS
  • Lynn and Eileen will follow-up on this issue and report back at the next meeting
  • Three libraries are currently signed up to purchase WebDewey at a discounted price
  • In order to get a 10% print discount, Janet needs 10 libraries to commit (i.e., 6 more libraries)
  • The order must be placed before July 1
  • Janet will send this announcement out to the CWCAT list
eReaders and eBooks
  • Kindle is becoming compatible with Overdrive
  • Amazon has changed their corporate account terms to remove the personal side which was previously used to buy Kindle titles
  • Gayle discussed some of the details of circulating eReaders at Springfield; she creates complete records with author/title entries for eReader content; an IT staff member loads all of the content
  • Mary mentioned that many patrons just want to try the readers out and are less interested in specific content
  • Kelle from Rowe mentioned that it is difficult for small libraries to commit to the cost
  • There was discussion that Overdrive is cumbersome and waiting lists are very long.  Laura from Williamstown mentioned that Overdrive does have a nice application for the iPad (perhaps the only nice interface with Overdrive).
  • East Longmeadow decided not to circulate eReaders.  They have eReaders for staff to use internally and become familiar with them.  Content funds are given to C/W MARS for Overdrive titles.
  • Cynthia Laino will come to libraries to train and to work through the Overdrive interface
  • There is also documentation from C/W MARS for using Overdrive
  • Kelle will make a list of free lending sites; this list will be shared with the group.
Brief records for eReaders
  • Carolyn has concerns about multiple brief records for eReaders
  • This has been tabled until the next meeting
Cataloging material with no publication information or publisher
  • This is covered in AACR2 with [s.l. : s.n] ; if it is self-published, the author can be used
  • Websites can be put in a note and referenced in 856 fields
Sylvia requested that we discuss Public Performance rights at the next meeting
Authority Control
  • C/W MARS does authority control on a monthly basis for new records added to the database
  • LTI is the company used for authority control.  LTI keeps a file of the authority records in the database
  • Janet is working specifically on Cooking/Cookery
  • There were plans for sending out the database for authority control before the Evergreen migration, but it will be done once the databases are merged to do more clean-up for less money (we pay per record).
  • ALL of the BIBLIOGRAPHIC records will be migrated on July 4, 2011.  When public libraries migrate in October, only the *new* records (from July-October) will need to be migrated.
Call numbers
  • Janet recommends using whatever is in the 100 as the author name in the call number
  • There will be an article covering this in the newsletter which should come out next week
  • Authority records take care of cross-references
  • “A rose by any other name would need an authority record.”
  • RDA is a new cataloging standard that is being proposed to replace AACR2
  • It contains a few changes that “stand out”.
  • Libraries that were creating RDA records as test sites are OCLC members, and, consequently these test records are found in OCLC.  In some cases the Library of Congress (LC) RDA record replaced the CIP record, which was AACR2.
  • This is sometimes seen with 245 fields with titles in all caps.
  • Three new MARC fields are being used to convey material format and carrier, and replace the GMD:
  1. 336 – Content Type (RDA 6.9)
  2. 337 – Media Type (RDA 3.2)
  3. 338 – Carrier Type (RDA 3.3)
  • Janet referenced Adam L. Schiff’s website for RDA presentations:  http://faculty.washington.edu/aschiff/
  • There is a standard list of terms
  • [S.l : |b s.n] will no longer be used in the 260.  In RDA it will be 260 |a [Place of publication not identified] : |b[publisher not identified]
  • Other abbreviations (such as p. for pages; ill. for illustrations, et al. for many authors) will also not be used.
  • Rules for making added entries for authors are more flexible in RDA.
  • RDA is BEING TESTED and has NOT been officially adopted.
  • Janet mentioned that as of right now Evergreen does not distinguish DVD and VHS in PAC format icons.
    <GASP!> from the audience.
  • Any staff accounts created now will get migrated over from the training server
Next Meeting
  • September (before Evergreen migration)

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