Meeting Notes – September 27, 2011

Technical Services Roundtable
September 27, 2011

1. Meeting opened at 1:45 with introductions.

2.RDA – What is our future? : Janet Schrader spoke about the RDA roundtable that many attendees at the TS roundtable had attended in the morning of 9.27.11. Some problems with RDA are that the documentation is problematic. LC implantation has been been postponed until Jan. 2013. C/W MARS will accept RDA records from OCLC and will not doctor them back to AACR2R. The GMD will not be used anymore, instead there is an addition of 3 new tags: Marc 21’s 336 Content, 337 media type and 338 Carrier. These new fields will display in PAC.

3.Update on MLS/TS advisor: not making great progress. The RDA presentation of the morning was due to Carolyn Platt urging Carolyn Noah to allow a session in the West. Carolyn P. asked for help. Cynthia of the Greenfield Public Library will create a petition to present to Greg Pronovitz and Carolyn Noah. Jeremy Goldstein and Wei Jeng-Chu will work out a draft job description.

4.Blu-rays and blu-ray/dvd combo packs: The question was asked of the group about what others were doing re: combo packs of blu-ray/dvd. Some were splitting them up and circulating them separately. Some were keeping them together and circulating them as packages. It is felt that the industry is moving toward blu-ray and against dvd. The group was split about half and half.

5.Outsourcing, pre-processing: The question was asked of the group as to who uses vendor pre-processing, who doesn’t and the reasons for both decisions. Reactions were mixed. Worcester Public uses book jackets, spine labels but not for all items. Westfield public uses some – barcodes, security strips. Have to do some work over because of mistakes. Some felt that just by having a vendor send processed items, that doesn’t mean they can lay off employees. There’s still a lot of work to be done when the boxes arrive. It was mentioned that Midwest Tape does a lot of media processing and it’s usually good.

(Agenda skipped here)

8.What do you do with your discards? Problem at Jones/Amherst of too many piling up while they wait for patrons to adopt them. Recycling is a problem because books have to be unbound and then the library pays to recycle. Got Books (which has a drop off in the MLS Whately parking lot is minimal return for the effort expended. Friends of the Greenfield PL have had great success with their 4 book sales a year. A rare book dealer who is a Friends member evaluates their discards. A suggestion was made to contact Hands Across the Water. They will come to pick up things. Pro Quo in Springfield is another option. Here is their contact info Another suggestion was that after a book sale is completed allow local non-profits to come in to take what they would like.

6.Evergreen: Janet Schrader reported that all cataloging training sessions are done. There were 288 people trained. There will be a makeup class for the 8 libraries that never sent anyone. We had thought that we could make templates in the training server and they would transfer to the final server. We now know this is not true. It is possible to make templates as you go in your work flow – for instance, adding a DVD, create a DVD template then so as to not have to spend so much time re-creating everything. Template names should either be all caps or all small. It effects the alphabetization. There will be 2 cataloging refresher workshops offered in each region in Nov. and Dec. On December 15, 2011, all records will be extracted from Millennium. There will be several weeks when bib and item records cannot be touched. No items created on the training server will transfer. Barcodes used on the training server will be available. Dummy records: consider creating a few for each media type to use for emergencies. C/W MAS has created some webinars: How to add items, how to create templates, etc.

Millennium – all volumes will migrate to a suffix field. We will see a message – Which part would you like? Holds will be placed on the first available item. Janet has found over 280,000 different iterations of how libraries describe volumes. She has created a standardized list (insert round of applause here) that we will all now use. She is going through them trying to fix some problems. She reminded us to take out the 2 blue indicators in the volume field in the item records. Leaving them in creates 2 spaces that affect how the volume is displayed.

7. Strange publisher problems. Janet had some examples of some strange books with her that the catcenter had been asked to create records for. After some investigation, she found that many were copies of Wikipedia articles, no dates, no publishing info, no authors, etc. She cautioned against buying this kind of thing.

At this point in the meeting, Lynn Coakley had to leave and Sue Mulry of HCC took over.

Cookery/Cooking; Local Author and LOCAL MUSICIAN -Janet S. updated all the subject headings from Cookery to Cooking, the global update is complete, but authority records aren’t changed. The Bib Committee had previously approved subject headings for Local Authors but she would like lists from libraries so they can be added. Amherst Library also requested that C/WMars adjust Local Musician subject headings to Pioneer Valley Local Musicians.

-Vendor records in the database (Level 3, order records, machine generated, etc.), – why are they in the database and alternatives? Some libraries don’t ask for them and end up emailing C/W Mars to overlay the brief records. The procedure in place is the library inputting the vendor record also is responsible for overlaying that record when the item come in. Sometimes that doesn’t happen, though. Any library ordering through Baker & Taylor and Ingram will receive a file that then gets loaded into the database.They are there for the orders to get placed in Acquisitions and made available as soon as possible. Jeremy G. mentioned that a small percentage in some circumstances may stay outstanding because another record is used when the item is in hand. Or the item on order gets cancelled. Carolyn P. mentioned the records do usually get done within a few weeks to even a few months is some special cases. C/W Mars needs to know what records are needing an overlay so please report them. And Janet also mentioned that if your library uses Cat Express and your export doesn’t make it in, then please email Janet to have the record exported that you have paid for. Yes, there are some “crummy” records out there, the Level 3 records are machine generated, but if they allow the library patron to find it and place a hold for faster service, it is better than nothing.

Survey for Sondra: which libraries are using self-check? Worcester has 3 self check-out machines, they have been using them for 5 to 6 years now.

Next meeting: not scheduled until after Evergreen comes online.
Submitted: Susan Mulry (HCC) and Lynn Coakley (STCC)


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