Meeting Minutes 03/09/2012 – Whately

Technical Services is Strong & Proud in Western Massachusetts!Image

The Friday Afternoon meeting (following the morning’s workshop on BISAC) brought out 36 attendees!

New Ingram Representative : Jeff Meskill

  • Jeff takes over for Cathy Suehisa, and brings 5 years of Ingram experience to the job
  • He’s based out of Philadelphia, but is committed to a high level of service for Massachusetts
  • Cosmetic changes made to iPage (demonstration of widgets)
  • Changes will be made to grids (to make them easier) in May
  • BISAC — iSelect includes notifications based on BISAC headings (and other options, too); notifications come out twice per month
  • Other features reviewed : Standing Order options (with “Report Only” notification services), High Fives (the top 5 book sales by genre, so libraries don’t miss out on hot titles), ReveiwAlerts (including Booklist, Kirkus, LJ, PW)
  • iPage professional has dropped dramatically in cost, so libraries are encouraged to re-consider

BISAC — Review and Responses from the morning’s Workshop

  • Darien, Connecticut — using a hybrid-type model that still uses some Dewey numbers
  • Westfield — seriously considering BISAC organization
  • Jones Library — started labeling shelves to make the subject-orientation of Dewey more explicit
  • East Longmeadow — uses subject signs to point out popular subjects (History, Biography, Self-Help)
  • Signage is very valuable in making the transition successful.
  • WEEDING IS THE KEY.  Major major weeding had a large impact on the increase of circulation.
  • Inter-filing of formats (particularly putting non-fiction DVDs with their corresponding books) is also very popular and successful ; inter-filing non-fiction audiobooks is not so popular (the audiobook audience tends to appreciate the ease of collection)
  • Libraries are encouraged to take marketing cues from stores to improve circulation statistics in the same way that stores aim to increase sales
  • In Millennium, BISAC headings (usually in 650 fields with a 2nd indicator 7) are in black (non-clickable) text under LC Subject Headings.  In Evergreen, there are plans for a possible BISAC (clickable) index.

MLS Focus Groups

  • MLS is organizing a number of focus groups to guide organizational planning
  • 3 TSRT members will be represented at the public library focus group
  • TSRT members are encouraged to contact Eileen Chapman, Carolyn Platt, or Alex Reczkowski if they have any opinions they would like represented at the focus groups
  • The need for an MLS Technical Services Advisor was expressed
  • There was also mention of past practices of a 4- or 5-year rotation of courses for Tech Services training.  This may have been organized by MBLC in cooperation with WMRLS and an Idaho organization.  Janet Eckert used to be in charge.
  • Other concerns expressed:  (1) Not all libraries are part of C/W MARS, and they need support in areas that consortium members don’t realize ; (2) 1-person libraries need training and support ; (3) need to take into consideration how people learn and remember that not everyone has the technology to support webinars ; (4) there is a need for not just workshops but training as well — in technical cataloging skills, in collection development
  • There was expression that C/W MARS often shoulders the burden for many of these larger issues
  • Other regions don’t have the support of the Technical Services Round Table either
  • Susan Mulry has volunteered to organize follow-up efforts to make sure that the TSRT voice is heard
  • Bobbin Young has encouraged TSRT members to be involved in MLS and urged members to attend the April 13 tour of BPL (Please sign-up!) and choose the Whately shuttle option to show the needs of Western Massachusetts

Catalog Searching

  • Janet Schrader wanted to mention that there have been some request for union catalog records that already exist and suggested that everyone be reminded that if an ISBN search isn’t successful, author, title, or keyword searches should be conducted as well because many situations call for suppression of the ISBN, which will make an ISBN search fail.

Gift funds and books — How do you handle them?

  • Many members use a standardized note in the item record and book plates in each book
  • Some mentioned use of fund accounting to keep track of spending of gift funds
  • One member uses a separate spreadsheet to track the gifts, including date, title, author, publisher, and donor

Barcode Placement

  • Carolyn Platt asked members to consider dust jacket content when placing the barcode.  She emphasized that the regulations on barcode placement don’t have to be excessively strict, and cited an example where an important photo (unavailable anywhere else in the book) was covered by a barcode

Evergreen Update (C/W MARS)

  • Though Janet could not mention/commit to any specific dates, she indicated that the migration would not occur in April, but that they were hoping for a target before summer reading kicks into action in June
  • Libraries using the Acquisitions module in Millennium will finish out the fiscal year in Millennium and come up using Evergreen for acquisitions under the new fiscal year
  • Hardware issues (negotiating workflow between 2 load balancers and 5 brickheads) is stalling progress
  • The current training version is lacking the template toolkit
  • Volume parts (development funded by C/W MARS) are not available in the beta release currently being tested
  • Other development currently out on contract is taking longer than anticipated
  • Janet emphasized that ALL bib records will migrate
  • Janet is continuing database cleanup; libraries should expect some reports of call numbers to clean up ; Janet also mentioned a glitch with migrating electronic URL records that she is managing to clear up and prevent about 80,000 records from being lost.
  • Janet mentioned that call numbers will prefixes will appear first on pull lists

C/W MARS Staffing

  • Micah, in library applications, is on part-time
  • Bob, in library applications, retired in January
  • Corey Kolasinski from Shelburne Falls has been hired full-time in library applications
  • One more hire is anticipated soon in library applications
  • Kristi Chadwick, who handled web presences, digital catalog, and the Evergreen OPAC, will be leaving at the end of March to become director of the Emily Williston Library in Easthampton, MA.
  • Systems is currently interviewing for 2 open positions
  • A new position is anticipated to handle reports and development

Backorder Policies

  • Some libraries cancel after 6 months ; others after 3 months
  • Ingram items with Not Yet Released (NYR) status are not affected by the backorder cancellation policy.  You can manually cancel items on iPage

Next Meeting

  • Monday, June 18

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