Meeting Notes from 20 June 2012

Technical Services Round Table
MLS Office, Whately
20 June 2012

  1. Introductions
  2. A reminder of why we moved to Evergreen:  Open Source, Responsive
    1. Remember to check the known issues on the internal site
    2. Be in contact with Jim Keenan, the new Access Services Supervisor
    3. Comment on the internal site
  3. What is the Evergreen Community?  How do we fit in?
    1. The Evergreen (EG) community is International, responsive to library staff
    2. There is support available:  OpenSource list, developers’ chat
    3. Why are there problems?  EG is only 3 years old, development is recent, but remember that we set up the system and have the power to have response to our problems through enhancements and development
  4. C/W MARS Website:  What’s in it?  How often should we check it?
    1. Use the Bug Report / Enhancement form for actual bugs, not for problems that aren’t related to the development of Evergreen. 
    2. Feel free to email the CatCenter or Library Applications, and be sure to give a CLEAR subject line and provide an example of your issue.
  5. Comparison of Millennium and Evergreen:What’s different?  What’s better?  What’s worse?
    1. Enjoy that Evergreen has multiple tabs and no more logging in and out of modules.
    2. EG makes it easier to manage multiple copies.
    3. EG has buckets!
    4. EG has nice templates
    5. EG has z39.50 for OCLC
    6. Item status can be used for quick deletion!
    7. Patron search allows searching by phone number (and many other fields)
  6. Success:  The CATCENTER loaded all OCLC files for new requests through June 18.
    1. You may find duplicate records because the loader is currently not matching on ISBN.  Equinox is working on this problem.
    2. Please report any duplicate records to the CatCenter by sending the two TCNs.
  7. Success:  All CatExpress files through June 16 were loaded. 
    1. There is not a way to filter out duplicates, so if you use only a few of these records, reserve them for unique titles rather than best sellers.
  8. Success:  You can do an ISBN search from the basic search screen even though it is not listed on the drop down menu.  ISBNs are in the keyword index.
    1. If you don’t find your ISBN through the keyword search, try an ISBN search too.
  9. Clarification:  Withdrawals
    1. Once a bib record is deleted, it is no longer searchable except by Database ID (TCN)
    2. If you delete the last item from a bib record, Evergreen deletes the bib record too.
    3. If you delete the item but not the volume (call number), it does not show in PAC; only items show in PAC. 
  10. Issues:  “All of my ordering tests for Ingram and B&T have failed to date.”
    1. Success:  Tim has had success with testing with Ingram. 
  11. Issues:  Empty Volumes
    1. Some WMARS items ended up with autogenerated call numbers and ultimately resulted in empty volumes with autogenerated call numbers (i.e., “pi-xxxx”)
    2. If you see these empty volumes in holdings maintenance, please delete them.
  12. Issues:  Volume migration to the Parts field
    1. Tim copied the suffix table into the parts fields
    2. If you find an error, create the parts, and edit the item records
    3. Do NOT use the suffix field!!!
    4. If you’re feeling sorry for yourself, remember that Palmer lost 20,000 call numbers!
  13. Issues:  Authority Records
    1. Lobby to include Authority work in development!
  14. Issues:  “FIXME” – When will we see this?  What should we do?
    1. Take some time and look at these issues
    2. Email library applications if you still need help with these issues
  15. Issues:  Receipt templates
    1. There is a repository of receipt templates on the C/W MARS site:
    2. These are workstation specific and must be updated on each computer.
  16. Issues:  “Also, if you change anything in the Classification, Prefix, and Call Number field (delete the call # default), you can’t, then, go to the bottom of the screen and change anything in the fields below when you are putting something ‘in process.’”
    1. Solution:  You may lose the ability to make changes to item attributes if you delete the volume barcode or volume call number.  Make sure that there is information in these fields before trying to change any item attribute information.
    2. Hit the “Tab” button to move the cursor out of the call # field.
  17. Issues:  “In the PAC, Evergreen doesn’t seem to have ALL LIBRARIES to see who specifically has the item that a cataloger or a patron might need.”
    1. Solution:  “C/W MARS, Inc.” is being changed to “All Libraries”
  18. Issue:  When looking at “View copy information for all libraries”, the column headers are lost because the copy information doesn’t have its own scrolling, and the whole page scrolls up.
  19. Issue:  How can we print the item [attributes] screen?
  20. Issue:  Can’t hide fields in copy editor (hide them, but not allowed to save the changes)
  21. Recommendation: Increase font size [Admin/Workstation Administration/Global Font…]
    1. Question:  “Does anyone know how to set it as a default so it doesn’t have to be set every day?”
    2. Solution:  You cannot change the “default”.  You need only adjust the font once on the workstation and it will save the setting between log-ins. 
  22. Recommendation:  “In Millennium, we could always see how many holdings we had attached to each record because on the left hand side of the item screen, it had numbers.  This helped immensely if it was a reference record that had many, many holdings that was a continuation as is Scott Standard postage stamp catalog or the like.  Evergreen (Holdings Maintenance) does not have that and it would be very helpful to have the numbers down the side or somewhere so we would know how many holdings we have.”
  23. Recommendation:  If you just need to replace a barcode, there is a dedicated ability to do just this.  Find it under the main cataloging menu.
  24. Request:  “A “Go Back” button in every screen would be helpful.
  25. Request:  Ability to add Copy Notes to templates
  26. Request:  Place, Cancel, Modify, & view holds from holdings maintenance
  27. Request:  Add barcodes to keyword index so that they are searchable from the home screen
  28. Request:  Refresh button in item status or confirmation of status change
  29. Request:  Browse searches
  30. Request:  Call Number shelf browse limited by library
  31. Request:  A prompt for “last copy, delete volume?” when deleting an item in Item status
  32. Next Meeting:  26 October 2012

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