Meeting Notes : Friday, October 26, 2012

(notes based on agenda items)


1. Introductions (about 25 people, some new faces)


2. Accidental Cataloger:  Comments regarding a workshop conducted by Dodie Gaudet indicated staff found the workshop very helpful


3. MHEC presentation:  Paul Coute spoke about the MLS/MHEC collaboration for library materials and supplies (passed out MHEC brochure, flyer with contract contact info, and business cards). L series contracts are available to MLS members; MHEC members see all contracts available; contact Jennifer LaPointe (, 413-545-4993) for questions/information regarding membership. There is an MHEC newsletter with helpful information.  DEMCO, Gaylord, and The Library Store offer discounts (of varying rates) on their entire catalog, but Brodart did not submit a bid for library supplies.  When ordering, be sure to identify your library as a member of MLS (or MHEC) and include the contract number (L50, L51, etc.)


4. BISAC implementation:  query as to whether any libraries had tried re-organizing any parts of their library using a BISAC arrangement (similar to bookstores).  Jones-Amherst seemed to be the only library to make even a minor implementation


5. Google applications for Tech Services:  someone at Jones is using Google to identify authors with common names (authority control application?); several libraries mentioned that Google Translate is helpful when cataloging foreign language materials.


6. Evergreen 2.3 coming:  waiting for testing to be completed on 2.3.1 (2.3.0 had several “bugs” that caused breakdowns in existing processes such as holds); implementation of 2.3 unsure, but definitely not expected before early Dec.  Expected improvements/fixes:  faster loading of MARC records, journal title search, electronic invoicing; scoping of call # search in Template Toolkit.


7.  Evergreen cataloging:  Janet said the CatCenter has started merging records for books on CD that are essentially the same except for the publisher to reduce the number of records to choose from in the database–if the CONTENT matches what you have in hand, you can use the existing record rather than bringing in or requesting another record.  A query as to how libraries are handling ILLs from the Quincy hub?  Janet also covered how staff can change the default view when searching from OPAC view to either MARC View, MARC Edit, or Holdings Maintenance (Actions for this Record>select desired “view”>Actions for this Record>Set bottom interface as Default)


8.  Improving the OPAC:  Questions regarding any aspect of Evergreen can be sent to Jim Keenan (  Jim offered a handout of searching tips (applying to searching using the toolkit in release 2.2) which included caveats about using punctuation in searches and how to exclude a term from a search (put a minus sign in front:  -term).  He also warned that sometimes searches can be too specific because records are imperfect (data can be missing from the fields you are trying to search)



*** Thank you to Gayle Ball for taking notes! ***


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