Tech Services Roundtable Meeting Notes, April 5, 2013


Collaborative effort of Dorothy Austin of STCC and Susan Mulry of HCC

(notes based loosely on Meeting Agenda)

Upcoming Acquisitions Meeting

 Gayle Ball from Springfield announced there is a separate Acquisitions  “mini-round table” meeting being held at Springfield City Library on Thursday, April 25, 2013 from l0:00 a.m. to l2 noon. The meeting will take place in the library’s computer laboratory to allow for hands on experience. Tim Spindler from C/W Mars will be in attendance. It is primarily to assist with current workflow for those using the system currently (Acquisitions Evergreen module as is), as well as meant to be informational for those interested but not currently using the system. Those currently using the system will demo temporary work arounds as well as discuss and share techniques and strategies with workflows, vendor set-ups, and discuss future developments. Please bring your login and passwords for I-Page (informational), B& T Title Source, and BT Link. Email Gayle if you have any questions.

Janet Schrader, C/W Mars workshop and EG cat questions:


  • ·          Reminder that the original merge of Western and Central items wasn’t completely successful so please report all duplicates to the C/W Mars Cataloging Center as you discover them.
  • ·         Janet also explained that another duplication situation can occur when the records are loaded in an M300 upload, as there is no way to check one library’s upload with another’s. Please report any duplicates found to the Cataloging Center. This procedure is the same as previously in Millennium, except you will just need to relay the TCN number for the Evergreen record.
  • ·         Janet mentioned Tim Spindler ran a duplicate report of oclc numbers and there were 78,000 (actually 38,000 pairs) found. The records have gone into buckets so they can be merged by the Cat Center.
  • ·         Also, if you discover that a cover image in Evergreen doesn’t match your item, please report this by email to the Cat Center so it can be corrected in Content Café. By way of explanation, please note: “Sometimes the images are incorrect because both the hardcover and paperback isbns are on the same record.” Janet requests you to please still notify the Cat Center and they will respond by email to let you know.
  • ·         Please continue to report all spelling errors in records.
  • ·         Regarding combination packs: audiovisual blue ray, three-dimensional, and regular DVD packets, please put each DVD in their own pack for circulating purposes and use individual data records if possible.    



  • Resource Description and Access (RDA) is the new cataloging rule used by the Library of Congress and OCLC records beginning April 1, 2013. C/W Mars is not requiring/using RDA yet, but they are accepting downloaded records. There are full records and there are RDA hybrids (RDA +AACR2). There are new fields for physical parts of items that replace the GMD (General Material Designation) in data records that are “user friendly for your patrons” because former abbreviations are now spelled out.  
  • ·         Spells out completely, no more abbreviations: example: p. is now pages.
  • ·         in title field, no medium is listed, publisher not identified.
  • ·         EXAMPLE: sound recording
  • ·         Ex. 300 field = (GMD): 1 audio disc (37:36) $b digital stereo $c 4 ¾ in.
  • ·         ex. 336 field RDA  = performed music #2 rda content
  • ·         ex. 337 field  RDA = audio #2 rda media
  • ·         ex. 338 field  RDA= audio #rda carrier
  • ·         Please note when the record states “unmediated” it means that there is nothing extra needed by the user to use the item (i.e. a DVD needs a player to use the DVD). All print items are “unmediated”.
  • ·         For libraries downloading records from OCLC, C/W Mars requests that you put in the GMD (General Material Designation). 

Authority Control

  • ·         Changes in C/W Mars fields being added to MARC RECORDS in Evergreen: For example: when you see the marc record with subfield o: #(CWMars)378113, this means the authority control is linked with the authority control record of the author. It is only visible when you are in Marc Edit function. There was an email announcement that this authority control development is being paid for jointly by MASSLNC (our 3 networks using Evergreen) and Bibliomation (Connecticut).
  • ·         An advantage of the linking is that if something changes in the author heading, changing all the records in Evergreen with that linking would be accomplished without having to batch update. (A reminder that prior there was no actual authority control established when Evergreen was developed).
  • ·         Evergreen has relied heavily on keyword searching and Joan K. and Tim S. will be attending the upcoming Evergreen Conference in Canada. There is hope that cross-reference and cross-searching development through authority control will be brought up then.
  • ·         There are too many order records lingering in the Evergreen database. Unfortunately, there are duplicate records being loaded because there aren’t a lot of match points to use. Libraries are responsible for correct overlay. Patience is key, as the process takes several weeks. However, if there is an order record that has not been overlayed, and it has been more than thirty days, please report the record information (use TCN) to the C/W Mars CatCenter.
  • ·         Equinox is the Authority Control Development support system and is working on search enhancements:  Title Browse development (which will support “see from” and “see also”) when searching. The coding is completed and in the testing phase. It is slated to be available with release of Evergreen 2.4 later this year, possibly Fall 2013.


  • ·         Important reminder: please remind all Staff that when creating parts, do not add spaces in the part such as: APR (space) 2013 (space). This will create a totally different part, although it will appear on screen as: APR2013.
  • ·         Dan Pearl has been hired to work on development for C/W Mars and is currently working on parts. He is working on the ability to sort the parts in logical order for display. He is also working on a label sort key for holding maintenance and the PAC and also, on the ability to merge parts. At the current time, C/W Mars Cataloging Center is the only entity that can edit a part.
  • ·         The migrated records parts from Triple III residing in the volume fields were migrated to the suffix field in Evergreen which explains why there are parts listed in two separate fields. You can delete the parts from the suffix field or call # in your own records manually to remove the duplication. There was a suggestion to run a report for records needing to correct the parts and suffix fields. The duplicate or suffix fields should show up on the report, according to Janet.
  • ·         Regarding holds and standardized parts: bugs have been fixed with newest release, can now place holds on copy level records. If you don’t select a part, it’s just a title level hold. Example: If you place a hold on World Almanac, you will get any World Almanac, but if you use the part in the hold, you will get that specific World Almanac.
  • ·         Scenario: if you place a hold on your own item copy, and the item is in another library, and a patron of that library has requested it, the item will stay in that library until all that library’s patrons have had the item. Your library hold will wait to get to you when all holds in the original library have been filled. It will “go home to you” after all holds at the original library have been filled.
  • ·         Gayle Ball from Springfield inquired if anyone is working on development in parts? Janet’s response: submitted as enhancement requests:

                             1.  Automatically stripping out the space added in the end out of habit/error.
                             2.  Dropdown menu: scrolling vs. typing in but not being saved: you think the part is on the record and it isn’t – you have to go into the Parts                     Management area and add the part first. Would be nice to create a “durable part” right at the first screen.



  • ·         Janet wants everyone to watch/check the call number field on the verso page to make sure the correct call number is used so that call number browse will display the item in the correct order. Example given: Donkey Pilgrim. The call number browse on the incorrect call number places the item in the section for Italy books. It should have been placed in the section with the Ireland books. Just a friendly reminder: even if it  is a Library of Congress call # (which is still the gold standard), it bears checking. Please notify Janet if you find the wrong call # in a bib record.


JIM KEENAN’S BRIEF IMPROVING THE OPAC DISCUSSION ( a longer session ran from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.)

Contributed by Anna Bognolo of STCC, Compiled by Susan Mulry, HCC

  • ·         Jim -“Quality of cataloging is critical to open source” (applause from the Group).
  • ·         Efforts being concentrated on usability/presentation of OPAC, not quality of data.
  • ·         New OPAC: tests in six browsers: Internet Explorer is the least cooperative.
  • ·         Recent changes to search box: search box now appears at the top of the page (centered) and is very large (idea is to mimic search engine box format since “that is what users are used to using”). There is less emphasis now on the filter boxes by placing them below (“users feel pressured to use them if they are equal in size and on the same line as the keyword search box”).
  • ·         Advanced search icon to be changed soon and a number of changes implemented:
  1. ·         Cleanup/merger of “item type” and “item form” and possibility of deleting “audience”.
  2. ·         Filters for “item type for type “book” will be much improved by dividing “book into book(all), book (print), book (electronic), book (large print). A member library attendee suggested including book (audio) and book (MP3). Seems likely they will be additionally added!
  3. ·         Likely that icons for different book types will be introduced and added/amended as Evergreen continues development.


  • ·         Boolean searching functionality will reappear in the Fall (heavily requested by academics).
  • ·         All changes made to the OPAC appear the same in the staff/client interface as well. The only exception is the staff/client ability to search location by first letter. (The staff/client is built on the Firefox web browser).
  • ·         The JPAC/Experimental Client staff/client speed is much improved and Jim thanked all the member libraries that participated in testing the Experimental client.
  • ·         Jim recommends accessing PAC from Google Chrome browser even though Central Office doesn’t “officially” advocate a specific browser. He explained that Google programs to standards which Evergreen also adheres to so functionality of the PAC works better via Chrome. Example: if browser being used is Chrome, then with any drop down boxes you should be able to hold down the control key and select multiple formats or type in a letter to take you to the alphabetized location of a member branch.
  • ·         “Browse option will be introduced in the Fall. Example: you can “browse” by title: type in “The Girl Who”… and will bring up all books with this in the title. Will be useful for patrons who cannot remember exact titles!
  • ·         Stemming: if you experience problems, Jim suggests turning it off. He is looking into this problem and hopes to purchase a program called “snowball stemmer” to help resolve those issues.
  • ·         Some libraries complained of difficulty searching by keyword: gets too many results that didn’t match at all what they were searching for. Try using “quotation marks” for an exact title match. Also useful for keyword and phrase searching.
  • ·         Similar complaints regarding “no matches found” (when we know that is not possible that a match isn’t found). Jim explained that Evergreen searches can time out. There is work being done for a notification that will indicate the search has “timed out” in place of the “no matches found” message.
  • ·         Jim inquired how many libraries use Numeric Search. Almost everyone present indicated they do use it, particularly ISBN and call number searching (no one complained of experiencing difficulty with call number searching).
  • ·         Authority control will return to Evergreen (hopefully, soon).
  • ·         “See also” will be introduced into the facet boxes on the left of PAC search results.
  • ·         Mobile version is being tested (though they don’t plan on having it available anytime soon).
  • ·         Texting functionality is already available, but turned off centrally. Can email to see if it can be turned on, especially for Academics?
  • ·         Jim encouraged all present and any other library staff interested to sign up for C/W PAC discussion lists, particularly if they have concerns to raise. To join, write to requesting CWPAC list or CWTALK for communication list.

A hearty thank you to Dorothy and Anna for their comprehensive note taking and willingness to share this information!


Dodie Gaudet’s RDA workshop: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Technical Services Roundtable:  2:30 p.m.  to 4:30 p.m.

See you there!


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