Technical Services Roundtable Meeting Notes, October 17, 2013

Technical Services Roundtable Meeting, October 17, 2013

(Notes based loosely on meeting agenda)


  1. Usual courtesy introductions.
  2. Mention of supply swap guidelines
  3. Note taking request to assist: Response: Martha Olver volunteered and supplied  her copy of notes. Thank you Martha for the helpful outline!
  4. The MHEC issue once again was revisited from our last meeting: It is not working well, the set- up is difficult. Working with an older contract (from 2010), our prices have increased exponentially since then. The group felt that didn’t entirely account for the difference. Comparing the price comparisons to prove that MHEC isn’t as good a deal as MLS is very labor intensive.  Very few libraries are using it.
    1. Suggestion: Tell MLS of your dissatisfaction with this component. Carolyn previously posted and asked about experiences. She is in the process of a compilation of the replies from the listservs.
    2. What are the alternatives? Perhaps a phone call: “I’m a public library, so what can you do for me, discount wise?”
    3. Prior History: WRMLS Co-op. then MLS Co-op. Then turned over to MHEC. (Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium)
    4. As a group, use the specific examples of 100 percent price increase and send this information to MLS in one singular formatted letter.
    5. Carolyn Platt will send out the responses she received from her questions to the group.  Also requests a volunteer to “run with the ball” for this issue – it is our best chance of accomplishment. Any volunteers?
  5. Signage sharing ideas from other libraries:
    1. Adult Non-Fiction stacks made more usable. Better signage helpful to Reference Staff, as well as patrons.
    2. An example shared from CP: format: number range above with topics listed below.  OLD STYLE FORMAT”

JONES 306.81-323.4

NEW IDEA: 8 l/2 x 11 sized signage at Academic Library example: ART

          CALL # N-NX                                                                        List of Databases  and wording: “For more resources on Art go to or scan the QR code below with your phone. (Very modern!)

  1. Now working with words: striving for good “bookstore” style signage.
  2. Darien, Connecticut: has color code, dewey, and bisach headings that bookstores use. Called “glading” (books marked with color code), has worked in the Children’s Section.
  3. Most libraries are looking for “happy medium” signage, to neither overwhelm nor underwhelm.
  4. Holyoke Public Library: newly renovated. Not sure of signage. There is signage that hangs from the ceiling or tall stacks/taking a page from supermarkets. Assists traffic flow, leads through the stacks: (Jim Keenan cited Billerica Public Library).
  5. Cataloging Questions with Janet:
    1. Now starting testing of 2.4 Release of Evergreen (which is slated to be installed potentially over Veterans Day weekend if the testing is completed and all is well). The test server is loaded with all C/W Mars data as of July. The training server is separate from the live server we use daily so no harm will come to C/WMars live server data when we test the training server.
    2. First 2.3was loaded. Then Equinox upgraded training server to 2.4. It took a couple of days. Knowing that, they will try to schedule a low-impact weekend for going live.
    3. Some 2.4 Release features: More Indexes! It was not realized prior that some collections of plays with enhanced content  notes  (740 fields) were not indexed.  Also corporate authors (710 field) were also not indexed. Janet gave Tim Spindler a list and he created the indexed 710 and 740 fields.
    4. Music number searching and Government document searching has been added to Numeric searching.
    5. Indexes from “Innovative Millennium” are back.
    6. Improvement: TAB on the Advance Search Screen: if desired, select numeric search tab as the default for the workstation. It is a WORKSTATION SETTING (NOT in your ACCT. setting), you can “go in and set searching to your specific needed defaults”.
    7. To change your default preferences: ADMIN-WORKSTATION-SEARCH PREFERENCES-SELECT TAB .
    8. CALL FOR TESTING FROM CATALOGERS: Janet sent an email prior and also made an announcement at our meeting, looking for as many volunteers as possible to spend a few hours searching and using the features on the training server. Specifically tasks you normally do every day in Cataloging and Serials. They are specifically requesting library staff to volunteer to test because C/WMARS staff can’t duplicate what we do exactly daily. If you don’t get email instructions after signing up, please contact Janet Schrader immediately.
    9. DUPLICATE RECORDS. Reminder: they exist because 2 databases (Western and Central) didn’t merge completely. Some specific requests: When a file is exported to C/W Mars, there is matching done of a bib record before it even loads, if no match, goes into the database. An appeal from Janet and the Cat Center: if you find a duplicate record in Evergreen, please send an immediate email to That will be greatly appreciated!
    10. A question from the group arose about DUPLICATE ORDER RECORDS, also:  Explanation: There was a problem with an Acquisitions Library order not matching on a full record. And for future information of anybody who requests from the Cat Center: Amy and Joyce of the Cat Center: their records are loaded on Tuesdays at 5:00 p.m.. The rest of the CAT EXPRESS records get loaded the next day at 11:00 a.m.
    11. Authorized headings in MARC RECORDS on Evergreen: HOW DO YOU KNOW that it is validated? ANSWER: Look at the MARC record and subfield z followed by the number indicates the link to the authority file record #.  This is so if a heading if off, or something changes, the heading gets edited purposefully and then it changes all the bibs linked uniformly.
    12. Dan Pearl is working on code for C/W Mars for PARTS. He has completed development for merging parts so C/W Mars can start cleaning up “un-standardized” parts language. The parts are what makes cataloging a Serial very slow currently. (Parts belong in the bib record. Item using that part is linked to the bib record)

M. Janet Schrader and Jim Keenan- New Staff Website being rolled out today (10/17/2013). All Millennium “information/stuff” has been stripped out/and no longer available.

  1. Cataloging information is now in a “book form”. Click on “Evergreen Cataloging Manual” or individual sections for up-to-date- screen shots and updated information. Serials and
    Acquisitions also included in Cataloging information now.
  2. Transferring items to another bib record: A question arose about transferring items to another bib record: WARNING: If the item has parts, use these special instructions: You MUST delete the existing part BEFORE DOING THE TRANSER.  If you have an issue with transferring an item: remember, to transfer, you must create a volume for the item first or there is nothing to transfer. JANET WILL CREATE INSTRUCTIONS and post them on the new website.


  1. Janet Schrader and Jim Keenan – NEW C/W MARS Staff Library Website


  • Click TABS to hover, and menu’s open. He will additionally leave the old site up until the end of this month.
  • No more individual log-ons. Only one whole library log-on. The Directors of each library and each C/W Mars Coordinator will be receiving an email to share the passwords with their individual staff.
  • A request: please share your experience on the new site with Jim. Email is fine:
  1. Janet Schrader and Jim Keenan: The 2.4 Release Features


  • Back to training server: once updated production server is on 2.4 release, then C/W Mars will ask Equinox to put 2.5 on the training server so can start testing for a few months.
  • Current time frame for production server and ALL libraries on 2.4 Release: Trying for Mid-November. Estimated that the sytem would be down for two days…say around November 10th/11th?
  • Back to indexing mention: Indexing took 40 straight hours so thinking of upgrade done then indexing done in chunks in off-peak times to allow the least amount of downtime.
  • C/W Mars has YOUTUBE C/WMARS Evergreen tutorials! There are even subtitles so you don’t have to have audio on if you are at a public service desk and can watch them. Go to Youtube and search C/W Mars. Target window of 3-4 minutes per video. Will link to videos or embed on website.
  • The best reaching stuff is going to show up in the 2.5 release as there was some argument in the development community (query ‘parser’ wasn’t good enough for enhancement).
  • Janet Schrader: in 2.4 release, public notes will now be visible to the public!
  • Janet Schrader: display of “alternate graphics”, example: syrillic text will display with transliteration.
  • Janet (to Jim): when can we see publisher in the 264 RDA standards records? Also, Ratings will show:  EXAMPLE:
  • MPAA rating: PG-13 (parents strongly cautioned; some material may be inappropriate for children under 13) for brief strong language.
  • Responses to questions from the group: URL FOR NEW WEBSITE: and more than one user can be logged in at one time.
  • Books with multiple authors: right now only see a single author in the 100 field: With RDA change: there will be multiple authors.  Also, please note in Evergreen, films call for author,too.
  • Graphic novels: helpful if want to submit  isbn for each. Still keyword searchable, not sure about if isbn is also.
  • If gaps in the volume, does it matter?
  • Duplicate location: two YA equivalent. Tim will merge and still clean-up.
  • Can’t delete prefix if item attached and in the call number ? And there is still a problem with adding a lot of prefixes. Get message, “Script has stopped running”. Suggestion: click on continue or close record, log out, log back in. Another suggestion: even if it says “script has stopped running”, others have found it still adds it.
  • Being able to search titles on a book in the enhanced contents note: if it is note in subfield t format, still searchable by keyword search.
  • Publisher is another new thing that will be indexed in release 2.4 so it will be keyword searchable.
  • Question to Jim regarding default search tab: can have more than one tab and defaults in different searches? Response: On Jim’s To-Do list: two meetings ago. Also having more than one box exposed on numeric search, too. To change default search tab: Choose ADMIN-WORKSTATION-SEARCH PREFERENCES-SELECT TAB.


  • REQUEST to Jim: Some people want to have a separate Adult Catalog for their library because it is based on shelving location. Example: Milford Town Library. See separate: *Milford Adult Catalog*, *Milford Children’s Catalog*.


  • REQUEST to Jim: Please put numeric search on Advanced Search tab/screen.


  • REQUEST TO JIM: With regard to the Splash Screen: only Janet uses Marc Edit/Export so it was requested it be removed. Then there will be more room for the basic search box in a larger space format.That would be much more helpful!


  • A notation: in 2.4 there is no HOME BUTTON.


  • Little icons to the right on the “SPLASH SCREEN” open new screens.


Off Agenda but just as important: In the midst of our group is a “Roller Derby Queen”! She is known in the “Pair O’Dice City” as “Eve N. Meaner”. If you were at the meeting, then you’d know who it is….so come to the next meeting to be in the know about such things! Hey, here’s a hint…..we lovingly know her in a Registration Capacity. And in your “outside life” of Library World, if you have a desire to join the Springfield PairO’Dice City Rollers….there is a recruitment coming up in November.  See the website link:  If you are not sure who I am alluding to…

(scroll down for the answer)










IT’S Eileen Chapman!



See you at the next Technical Services Roundtable Meeting!


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