Technical Services Roundtable Meeting Notes at Holyoke Public Library, 6/9/2014

Notes based loosely on Agenda

      1. Usual individual introductions, nametags, and placards with names at each seating.

  1. Carolyn Platt inquired about note-taking to assist Susan Mulry with the notes: no response/no volunteers.
  1. Announcement made regarding Jim Keenan and the Evergreen User Group Experience seminar taking place right in this building from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m., after our T.S.R.T. meeting.
  1. Lunch count: small group/no reservation needed.
  1. MHEC/MLS Discussion. In attendance representing MLS today was Catherine Utt , Business Director, and representing MHEC, Stacey Wikar, Director of Operations. To initiate discussion, Alex R. of Pittsfield Athenaeum summarized the issues plaguing our group for the past 2 years, based on the letter he previously sent to MHEC/MLS in April 2014. The letter, represented our issues and an invitation to attend our meeting today. Catherine thanked Alex for his letter and acknowledged our frustration. She stated the letter helped MLS to see the issues. She also stated that the complexity of the new system may be part of the issue: she cited the example of book covers and now having to check for sales which may be less expensive than the group price.  Vicky T. of Chelmsford Public Library also reminded MLS that currently we have to pay for shipping and did not have to pay previously. She also noted that with the current system, you can’t tell you are getting the best price, either. Catherine acknowledged the difficulties with using the shopping cart component. Catherine also reminded the group that the MARLS CONTRACT was negotiated in 2008 so prices are not accurately reflected currently. The biggest focus is going to be on COMMUNICATION going forward. We have to be able to find the list on the website. MLS and MHEC would love to get librarians more involved in the process. She explained about Ebsco and how they were only giving volume discounts to new customers and walked away, not willing to renegotiate for existing customers. One bigger benefit that has emerged from this issue is trying to eliminate the bid process libraries have to use. There was a question about MHEC vendors paying a percentage to MHEC. (For a comprehensive background on the history of MHEC, please visit Brief Background: MHEC was originally created by U-Mass Amherst, then used by all colleges in Massachusetts. Eventually they became their own quasi 501C3 (tax exempt) agency. They always charged membership dues whereas Consortiums offer memberships free. Ellen Bickleman, State Purchasing Agent of OSD (Operational Services Division) mirrored most cooperatives that charge one percent. MLS talked to MHEC: give one year and see what fund totals: ½ percent which is 80-100K. Here’s how the money is used: John Ramsey and the 5 colleges procured a 2 year grant for the Western Mass Newspaper Databases. So, 25K funding the first year of the seed fund, 16K the next year. Then after the 2nd year it was hoped to be self-sustaining.

Another problem cited in the letter to MLS: Chelmsford Public Library was looking for support in a vendor/library dispute with Ingram but MLS was non-responsive. Answer: Regarding Ingram, the addendum was in the bid response and NOT in the information given to the Library. Again, poor communication was acknowledged and working toward better communication with a specific liaison to the libraries for future vendor disputes. Right now, MLS is looking to fund 2 positions: Library/Vendor Liasion and IT contract Manager. Another question asked of MLS: where is the list of prices for Demco, Gale, etc.? Catherine Utt is in the process of putting out a LIBGUIDE with a list of contacts and major vendors with a direct link to the database for outside the usual. She qualified that that this is a work in progress and requested we let them know as it goes on what may need to be added. What the takeaway from the letter and today’s meeting is that they have heard us and need to be more proactive with communication. Susan M. asked if there was a defined timeline for the lib guide to be available: The response: It is completed and has been ready for several weeks now, but she is adding more information. Feedback to MHEC and the group: if a library can get a better price than what is listed, please let them know (MLS and MHEC) so that they can then use that information as a bargaining tool with the vendor and procure that price for all within our organization. To contact: Catherine Utt, Business Director of MLS, located at 225 Cedar Hill Street, Suite 229, Marlborough, Ma 01752, phone number: 866-627-7228, toll free in Massachusetts, email to: And lastly, the MLS website address:

Question from Alex R.- please talk more about the list, does it have “firm pricing”?, Catherine’s reply was yes, the list has firm pricing. Demco and Gaylord tried catalog net discount pricing. It didn’t work, so now going back to a firm discount. Bottom line: “Will always have to price around to some degree, can’t avoid it completely”. Reply from MHEC: MHEC can change the shopping cart list by adding to it so please send them emails to add items and products. Another question was asked: why is W.B. Mason no longer on the list? Reply from MHEC: “They missed the deadline. They showed up late and the bidding was already closed.” On a positive note, there is a move to get going on procuring a new committee and a new staff person added on, they can work on W.B. Mason and possibly Brodart as well for the next round. MHEC suggestion: After the position is filled, please invite the new staff to our next Technical Service Roundtable meeting. Contact information for MHEC and email pricing: An addendum aside from Catherine Utt of MLS: Also keep inviting a staff person from each org. (MLS and MHEC) if you want a voice in Cooperative Pricing.

6: Janet Schrader – Evergreen questions: Fielding a complaint about shelf call number browse not working completely properly, Janet said this has to do with when we moved the classification scheme to Evergreen from Millenium: Tim had to create: LC/dewey/or generic. And Prefixes right now are not indexed. The group says it would be nice to have them indexed so Janet recommended liking the open ticket on MASSLNC. Like it and if it gets enough likes, it may be moved up in priority. Eileen Cullinan of Chicopee Public is in the process of transitioning children’s books that have an accompanying cd and interfiling them as CD Juvenile book and cd. She is looking for some ideas on how best to reflect this. Pittsfield Library suggested looking at their catalog as they have used the work READALONG right in the call number. Another option: most libraries are using contents notes.

A question was then asked: What about new icons for blue ray, etc.? Reply -they may show up in higher releases. Janet also mentioned that we can do all now in the current release (2.4) that we can still do with the upgrade to 2.5 taking place on June 15th, except changing font size in gray. A tip: if your search yields large search results, go the the url box, arrow over to where the page number is, change the page number from the current page number to the next desired number higher up in the range and it will bring you to the next page after: example: page 1, type in page 12, brings you to page 13.

More tips and tricks:

  • Choose: Admin/workstation admin/Global font/Save: Anything in Evergreen area that is highlighted will be larger once selected.
  • At Advanced search screen: do control and + key: and will make the font larger or control and 9 will make font smaller.
  • Confused if the client or the OPAC? MARC records is listed at the bottom when viewing in the PAC/ and VIEW MARC RECORDS is at the top when in the client.
  • You can hide fields in your template that your library doesn’t use. It’s for all the templates in your library: NOT TEMPLATE BY TEMPLATE. It is part of the org unit. If you hide the field you use in some templates not others, and try to use that field, you will get a message saying it is not available. Then you will have to “unhide” in order to have that field viewable and editable.
  • Follow up answer to a question asked after most people left the meeting: Regarding older parts in the drop down menu. For example, beginning with the first entries and to avoid scrolling: Those older parts cannot be removed UNLESS they are no longer in use in anybody’s item record. See World Almanac title as an example.

New in Evergreen Release 2.5:

Browse the catalog/cross references: When you look up an invalid heading, it should now say see—–.

Equinox has decided to eliminate the extra click so has put in the narrower search term and Notes from the Authority record to explain, also. Equinox is responsible for all the authority record linking. So, when we come up on the upgraded release, BROWSE THE CATALOG CHOICE will be hidden until the “reingest” is completed. Once unveiled, you shouldn’t have to use double quotation marks around the phrase any more. Joan from Jones Library also requests that publisher search in the client be restored as it doesn’t exist anymore. Chelmsford Public Library (always testing the newest releases not issued to our C/W Mars Consortium yet) said that publisher searching is not indexed at all. Janet added that Jim has been working on if the publisher is in the 260 field and not the 264 field, it doesn’t show in the list so Jim will try to figure out why in the code written it isn’t showing in a particular spot. One more mention for C/WMars: our Consortium had a new library join: Egremont.


The next Technical Services Roundtable meeting will be held in October and tentatively scheduled at the Pittsfield Berkshire Athenaeum. Hope to see all your familiar, smiling faces there in the glorious New England Autumn!




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