Technical Services Roundtable Meeting Notes at South Hadley Public Library, 12-5-2014

(Notes based loosely on meeting agenda)

Introductions – approximately 20 people in attendance.
Supply swap – successful exchange of Periodical/Journal Display covers. Thank you, Williamstown!
Sue Mulry – Request for assistance taking notes. Alas, no volunteers.
MHEC/MLS with Catherine Utt, MHEC Business Manager and Stacy Wikar, Director of Operations at the Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium.
• Catherine briefly recapped information from her first meeting with our group she attended approximately six months ago.
Currently: There is a breakout price list on the web as of August 2014. Link: .
Upcoming: There will be a Library Contract Manager hired who solely will work with MHEC discounting/vendors/libraries, etc. MHEC procured the funding and just finished interviewing the candidate finalists. Just a reminder: this position is being funded with the one percent funding retained by MHEC (if you want the backstory – read through previous TSRT notes for all of 2014). After the hiring process is complete and the person is in the position, they will be introduced to our group in a future meeting.
• Responses to some questions about Gaylord codes: As of 12/31/2014, Demco has purchased Gaylord’s general library items division (Gaylord will only strictly be selling Archival Division products going forward). Question: What direct link resource to cross reference through Demco absorbed? Suggestion: go to through the Library Store for most items no longer available as of 12/31/2014. The contract will end in the late Spring 2015. MHEC will have the newly minted Contract Manager negotiate a new contract. Carolyn asked about a better deal/break? Reply suggestion: “Use the cross reference list to see if Demco will match most cost of items. Be aware: There are shipping issues. Discounts will still be provided with no minimum required for purchasing, but shipping has minimum requisites. Suggestion from Catherine: buy/stock up on items BEFORE 12/31/2014.
• As of January 1, 2014 the “Lib Guide for Purchasing” is on the MLS website: The link on the web is: or you can go to then click on MLSGuides , scroll to “browse by subject section”. Click once on “Purchasing” to open it up, then click on “Purchasing Cooperative”.
• Response to a question from Bobbin regarding Staples Discount with account for Meekins Library: Reply: email MHEC directly to resolve.
• There was a request for Catherine Utt to please use the ALL REGIONS LIST for the information she will send us after the meeting via email. Catherine sent the email December 5th and provided this link: “Please refer to our Purchasing Coop Guide at the following link for more information:
• There will be a feedback survey for ALL LIBRARIES to fill out before the new contract manager begins negotiations on the vendor contracts that are due to expire late Spring 2015.
Making connections beyond Western Mass?: Anyone belong to any organizations such as MLS, NETSL, or ALA? Answer: one person is serving a one year position on the Academic Libraries Task Force Planning and two people belong to ALA.
Anyone using Acquisitions? Which vendors and why: Some libraries are using Ingram and Amazon, some using B&T and Ingram. Consensus among users are: B & T has better bib records (less brief records). There was a small discussion and definition about “rental ready” on Amazon items. “Rental Ready” is published quickly to get it on the market so it doesn’t have special features. And the “street” date is listed on the package.
• “B & T” “grid”: Suggestion on how to use this feature: you can apply Evergreen parameters, then Exported records come in the set-up. Eliminates extra steps for copy information. More consensus: Electronic ordering and invoicing is “great”.
• CW Mars Rep. Janet S. addressed libraries using Acquisitions with the suggestion it would be helpful to edit the record with the addition of a field that states, “This is blue-ray” or “Has special features” to differentiate the different media of the copies. Question about B & T after the isbn or is there a three letter code?
• Janet requests: Please overlay the record yourself or request the Cat. Center to overlay the record for you. When attaching, even though it is not your order record, request the bib record to be overlayed, even though The C/W Mars Network Membership Policy states, “It is the responsibility of the library putting the record in Evergreen to make sure the order record is overlayed with the full bibliographic record.”
Cataloging with Janet Schrader, C/W Mars
Self – published items needing original cataloging take 50 percent of the Cataloging Center’s time.
Libraries using Cat Express: the records are now being loaded by Amy by 7:00 a.m. the next morning!
Parts: “You have to use a part whenever you are cataloging “a piece” of whatever the bibliographic record is for: ex. 4 discs. DISC ONE: Spoils of War ( in this case the number of discs and title to watch in order is the most benefit for the user)
• Second example on parts: ex. Title: Breaking Bad and you need to separate the discs out: DISC 1, DISC 2, DISC 3 OR DISC 1-2, DISC 3-4.
• Third example on parts: ex. Title: “Roosevelts” discs and episode numbers.
Update on Parts: for journals: can now sort in alphabetical or chronological order but cannot sort by most current issue because there is only one sort key.
Instructions on parts: There is a link on the staff website for instructions on standardized parts:
• Notification of incorrect or duplication on parts: please email the cat center with information at:
Cataloging with Janet Schrader, C/W Mars –Upcoming 2.6 Release Features
We are not yet ready for 2.6: when it was tested on the training server, searching slowed down. A lot. C/W Mars contracted with Equinox to cover all the servers, training server included. The Hardware failure in November was a faulty disk drive. There are 2 servers: one for reports, one for production/training. What will be done now is that 2.5 will be re-installed on the server, then 2.6 will be loaded, and after, there will be a request for libraries to test. Next viable dates mentioned are for February 2015.
Icons: there are more icons in the release: DVD combo pack: will show each dvd icon together: one for the blue-ray, one for the dvd so you can tell right away it is a set.
• Grouped searches: 2.6 searches in the pac can be “grouped”. When you go into Advanced Search, (title example used: “Pelican Brief”). there is a button at the bottom of the search screen in the corner that will need to be checked off: Group formats & edition. (*Please note: the people present in our group today did NOT like that is shows in one bib in the list. There will be a request in development for only the title to show on that screen so that then the user can click to show the individual formats associated with that title)*.
Question raised about an icon for puzzles and an icon for puppets? Janet showed us the icons for large print book, cd audiobook, playaway, book, ebook, music sound recording, and downloadable e-audio.
Multiple isbns of other formats for hardcover, paperback: on valid isbn is the match on the item in subfield a, all others should be in a subfield z.
Reporting incorrect isbn: Only valid isbns show on the DISPLAY bib record screen (first screen – Title ex.: Sycamore Row. You still must look at the Bibliographic record field to point your match correctly.
Z39.50 Importing: brief records: you can create bib records for kits, museum passes, equipment. There are templates now that are Marc workforms! Find “Create Marc Records” in drop down menu. Example: Video game. The fields are editable, example: video game cartridge can be edited to cd-rom, etc. **On the website, under Cataloging, select Summary of List & subfield codes for Marc records. Can print it out.
Using Copy buckets: similar to item status, but permanent. First, scan in a list of barcodes that you want to manipulate with Actions., such as weeding, or to change some attributes either temporarily Ex: Seasonal or permanently. Once the items are in the bucket, highlight the desired items, then click on EDIT ITEM ATTRIBUTES. You can move from bucket to pending then move to a new bucket. Janet will create and post documentation for working with buckets on the C/W Mars Library website under Cataloging.
Random notations
• One more mention of a 2.6 release function you can see in our catalog now. It is not activated yet because C/W Mars has not turned it on as there are a lot of problems with cross –referencing. Only can be seen in the catalog at this point, not the Client. Go to C/W Mars. Log into MyAccount, then backspace over Home to /browse.
• Moving forward, C/W Mars has contracted with Equinox to load authority records, then re-index the authority records when we are upgraded to the 2.6 Evergreen release. There is hope for more Authority Control in the coming year (2015). Prior, there was not enough funding.
• Tim Spindler is merging duplicate records for online resources. He will no longer be able to do this when we steps into the Director positon. He has also forwarded for development: a request for ease with batch editing of records.
• Current problem with wrong/incorrect cover images from Content Café. There is a fix but need a better way because she would have to download the record again to eliminate the original. Also, Content Café no longer shows covers that are linked to a UPC code.
**For those of you who left promptly at noon: Janet mentioned RDA. She will be sending out a message about the OCLC deadline and RDA records  in  2015.**
ADDITIONAL ANNOUNCEMENT FROM A FELLOW PUBLIC LIBRARY MEMBER AT THE CLOSE OF THE MEETING: Get a group of people together: There is an organization “The Massachusetts Library Aid Association” that will award small grants to a library group such as TSRT.” She suggested we apply for a grant to hire a Teacher for RDA for the group as this is NOT training that C/W MARS will offer to the consortium. I could not find an IP address for a website, only this link for facebook: .

I did also find some information for 2014 deadline already passed. Information copied and pasted below: “This is a reminder that the deadline for submitting requests for scholarship, staff development or continuing education funds from the Massachusetts Library Aid Association is August 21, 2014 . There are three opportunities available:
1) Scholarship aid for library staff who are in a MLS granting program.
2) Continuing education funds for library staff (either MLS or paralibrary staff) who wish to take a course.
3) A staff development opportunity that a small library may request for its whole staff.
Please read through each application to determine your eligibility. Applications must be submitted online to

1) Massachusetts Library Aid Association 2014 Scholarship Program
The Massachusetts Library Aid Association (MLAA) Committee on Aid to Small Public Libraries is pleased to announce its Scholarship Program for the fall 2014 term. MLAA is a private foundation. The purpose of this program is to subsidize training in Library and Information Science for librarians and library staff who are presently employed in small Massachusetts public libraries. Please note this offer is available only for persons working in public libraries. This is not an MBLC sponsored grant program; however we have worked in partnership with MLAA for more than seventy years.
Prospective applicants must be currently employed in a Massachusetts public library; may not hold an MLS already and must work in a community of 35,000 or under. The applicant’s annual salary may not exceed $35,000.
Small grants (ranging from $350-500) may be given to cover courses and training programs which must be directly applicable to public library service. Please note this Scholarship Program is intended to help individuals who lack a MLS degree to make progress in completing their education.
Occasionally a small amount of additional money is available for a travel allowance for those commuting 80 miles or more. Previous grant awardees may apply; however, in no case will more than three awards be made to an individual. .

Two other opportunities include:

2) Propose a Staff Development plan that improves and updates staff members’ ability to conduct library operations and services efficiently and effectively, resulting in better service to library users. The training selected, however, should not be similar to courses offered on a regular basis by the Massachusetts Library System (MLS).
Such a plan might involve a series of workshops, seminars or training sessions in which some or all library staff participates. An outside trainer or consultant may be brought in to conduct a training session. Examples might include training in electronic hardware or software, reference specialties (medical, business, consumer, etc.), public relations effectiveness, non-network automation, and so forth. Use Staff Development Application (see attached).

3) An individual staff member may propose taking course such as one offered through ALA or a continuing education class such as those offered by Simmons College or other LIS programs (either online or in person). The course must be taken this fall and completed before Dec. 2014. Use Continuing Education Application (see attached) .
Training opportunities may be investigated at: or

All libraries or individuals receiving grants are also expected to submit a brief report upon completion of the training (January 2015).

The Staff Development Program of MLAA does not replace the Scholarship Program conducted by the Association for many years. The Scholarship Program is intended to help individuals who lack a MLS degree to make progress in completing their education. In all cases, courses or training must be taken between the dates of September, 2014 and December 2014

The application deadline for fall is Thursday August 21, 2014. Applications must be received by this date and no applications will be considered after this deadline. Notification will take place after Labor Day.”

Application forms are attached to this email. Please email completed application to Rachel Masse, Administrative Assistant to the Library Advisory Unit of the MBLC. by 4:00 p.m. August 21, 2014.
Questions? Please contact or call 617 725 1860 x235 for any clarification. After August 8 please contact Rachel Masse (x 228) directly if you need assistance.”

My suggestion for a future agenda item: Let’s consider filling out a grant application for the 2015 year for the Technical Services Roundtable Group. If not for RDA training, then for something else equally beneficial. Any volunteers willing to consider serving on a sub-committee?

Happy Holidays, all!


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