Technical Services Roundtable Meeting at Sunderland Public Library, 10-20-15

Technical Services Roundtable Meeting at Sunderland Public Library, Tuesday, October 20, 2015

(loosely follows agenda items)

25 in attendance, plus 4 invited speakers.

MHEC Executive Director, Eric Weiss Presentation

  1. Briefly reviewed the background history of this organization and reminded our group that even though the non-profit organization is located in Amherst, Ma , MHEC serves all of New England.
  2. This has been a year of upgrades and changes for MHEC: staff growth: hired Jackie Cashin as Manager of Library Contract Procurement 6 months ago, upgraded website (please check it out @:, continued evaluation of contract relevance, continued maintenance of regional and local connections.
  3. New: Previously, there were 3 Library contracts (L50, L51, & L52 ) and upcoming will be a 4th: MC15-L53: “Library Equipment, Related Software, and Service (separated out from L50). Bid posts begins 10/01/2015, Bid Opens on 11/12/2015, Contract is to be awarded 02/01/2016.
  4. MHEC Future Expectations: strengthening marketing position in New England, expanding MHEC library and municipal contracts throughout New England, and continuation of pursuing strategic partnerships where beneficial.
  5. Also briefly mentioned MHEC moved to an electronic platform called BID EXPRESS for vendors.
  6. Ed Save – “comparable to “deals in Bob’s Pit”. Basically: deep discounts from vendors to move their stuff. Comes out in an email blast monthly and is also listed on the website.
  7. Branding mention: moving away from previous branding and towards “” and billing as “New England’s Premier Group Purchasing Consortium”.

Julie Cashin, MHEC Library Contract Procurement Manager

  1. Demonstrated navigating the upgraded website. When you use MHEC, suggests going to all information for contact to get full discount information.And use links to contracts for full information for purchasing depts. at your institution.
  2. Results are now tabular, choose new search to clear previous search and results.
  3. Using keyword search: if MHEC doesn’t have an item, you will get a blank screen. Example: type in banana….doesn’t have any food items so you get a blank screen as an indicator. Second example used: keyword search ice melt. Results yields all vendors with ice melt products.

Betsey Meaden, MLS Business & Human Resources Director

  1. The MLS link is now right on the MHEC webpage.

MLS/MHEC Questions and Answers after the presentations::

“What is the likelihood of updating vendors in L52 print subscriptions management?”

Reply:”Next scheduled for June-July 2016.”

“Regarding library supplies, any other suppliers as Demco is great, but other suppliers are shrinking?”

Reply:” Brodart is on the contract list of vendors.”

“What about Basch subscriptions, an increase and a percentage were noticed in the new fiscal year billing at one library?”

Reply: “Are they meeting the specified 2.5 % service charge negotiated in the contract or is it exceeding the negotiated price? If so, contact Jackie at MHEC immediately.”

“Regarding Edsave: can we be notified with an email about savings?”

Reply:“MHEC sends out an email blast monthly with the Ed Save information.”

“(in reference to the spreadsheet MLS that maintains with pricing information,etc: how will the spreadsheet (which is important to the Tech. Services Group) evolve?”

Reply: The worksheet is updated by Shirley MacClean. The worksheet is being redone in December 2015 and there will be one update in March 2016. For printing out, try using a larger size…perhaps 11 x 17 size.

Janet Schrader, Head of Cataloging, C/WMars:

Cataloging Questions:

  • Observation: “see also” and cross references are not working very well.
  • RDA fast headings: basically are bisac headings.
  • Noticing an inundation of self published items and how best to handle them? “

Response: regarding Print on demand, vanity printing, etc.: Previously when there weren’t so many prolific items, C/W Mars policy was to allow attachment of the item to the original edition record, but with the notation “c.2 is a facsimile”.

Current “Print on demand” policy: Accepts most catalogers everywhere are using a new record for the reprints nowadays. So creating a new record with a note on the bibliographic record to mention/point to  “original edition published by: and date….etc, is okay.”

Evergreen 2.8 Upgrade Highlights

  • Capable of searching UPC numbers (found on the back of cds, dvds,), it works as a keyword search.
  • Publishers are now indexed & can be combined in keyword searches.
  • Uniform title index: searches 130 (main entry), 240 (uniform title variants), and 730 (added entry) fields
  • For Academics: filter in place now for E-Serials: filter does work, but records may still need reingesting (Janet is trying to keep print Serials out of the e-Serials filter, but it is not quite working yet.) Request: let Janet know of any problems with any icons/searching
  • Problem: cds without 007 fields (there are 6K of them in the system) come up as “Music Format Unknown”. Janet already edited 5000 records for “speed” [z or u] in the 007 field.
  • Playaways now have an icon: “digital media player”.
  • At the meeting, we were not able to see a demo of the upcoming Evergreen Web-Based Client, so several functions were mentioned instead:
  • We won’t have to download as long as we have an internet connection.
  • Circulation may be available in 6 months while all others are still being  developed.
  • Cataloging testing the web based client
  •  Iimprovement in the reading of the MARC RECORD
  • There is one screen with multiple tabs and you can make a particular tab your default.
  • Still have to go to Holdings View for Templates
  • Doing away with Actions menu
  • Instead of having to manage parts and saving in several steps, we will be able to type right in the box and save. Additionally, when you are typing, if it is already listed in there, as you type, it will show you.
  • Bug is already fixed. Note: When Evergreen was updated to 2.7, Dan Pearl’s link that merged parts broke. Dan had previously created code that would put them in order: first sorts by call #., then sorts by part. In Serials, if you include a date or year in the call #, it will sort as listed above.
  • When we do get to the web based Evergreen client, YES, we will have to redo the templates. Janet is looking into better template management: shared vs. putting on every log on.
  • A reminder to those who haven’t voted yet on Launchpad Bug, please do so regarding development for keeping the “Add Volumes link” that is not in the web-based client as Janet had kindly outlined in a previous email. As of meeting day, there are 50 people who have given a priority vote…we need your vote,too.
  • If a library has a lot of prefixes, C/W Mars will create them for you. Contact Janet.

Alex Reckowski and Making Connections beyond Western Massachusetts

  • Requested a show of hands if anyone belonged to either NETSL (New England Technical Services Librarians) or other ALA affiliated organizations?

Response:  There was not much response to this question.

  • Requested a show of hands if anyone is using RFID?

Response: West Springfield Library is and Eileen Chapman kindly spoke about the process for the LIbrary.

It is quick and easy to put the tags on: print is very easy, multimedia is more difficult. Example given: it has taken about a month for 5 people using a 5 bin sorter.

Eileen suggests that when you are considering building  new or renovating, it may be a good time to consider including RFID in the original plan. It needs a room/space of its’ own  and you will already have to touch every item anyway during those processes, so it wouldn’t be separately labor intensive. Techlogic is their selected company and West Springfield Library is willing to invite other library staff to come to visit to check this out after early January 2016.

Hope to see you at the next meeting, which will be scheduled in March or April 2016!


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