Roundtable meeting notes at West Springfield Public Library, 6-8-2016

TECHNICAL SERVICES ROUNDTABLE MEETING NOTES, June 8, 2016 at West Springfield Public Library

C/W Mars  Evergreen Cataloging Workshop Brief Recap, Janet Schrader

  1. Web Client: Brief demo of web client that will replace current software loaded client we have now. Slated for : Spring 2018
  2. Question from attendee: will templates migrate or will they have to be recreated? Answer: not known at this time, will have answer long before it will be updated.
  3. 39.50 functionality will be from a drop down menu in that client. Faster response time and better oclc bibliographic record view.
  4. Copy buckets
  • Handouts for Copy bucket documentation for those in attendance, same documentation is also available online at C/WMars library staff website.
  • Dynamic: items aren’t prevented from being checked in or out when in the bucket.
  • Pending copies only stay in the pending area until you close the screen.
  • You cannot edit volumes in the bucket, only can edit item attributes.
  1.  Miscellaneous
  2. There is potential for a future workshop on brief records in Evergreen, especially for non-cataloged items such as cake pans, knitting needles, seeds, laptops, wireless hotspots, etc. (Example of use: Jones Library uses brief records for ESL students).
  3. If you wish to put items in a series statement, suggests using the 830 field. (Example: Shrewsbury tool)
  4. Beginning in July, the cat center will send out a weekly email every Monday with info. on the codes in a single field in a bib record.
  5. REMINDER: Need to use standardized parts parts.  Please don’t be adding magazines with no parts and dates in the call #, creates problems with holds, etc.
  6. REMINDER:Duplicate bib records in the catalog: reminder that the policy is to use a serial record whenever you can.
  7. Merging parts to clean up: was working in the 2.7 release, stopped working  with 2.8 release. Code is being worked on again. If you find an incorrect part, please email Janet Schrader and she will fix it by editing it.
  8. Current graphic novels policy: if reissued from comic books (AND ONLY SOME ISSUES , NOT IN ENTIRETY: USE MONOGRAPH RECORD).

Meeting Notes:  (loosely follows agenda)

Janet Schrader/C/W Mars Updates:

  • Development is coming on copy notes to make searchable and in the upcoming web client: copy note button is right at the screen.
  • Cross References: Lost in the migration from Millennium: example , Janet has been adding them: example: author Judith Jance. Cross reference added: Jance, Judith  added (J.A).  If you have an author not found easily because married vs. maiden name, email Janet with them name for her to edit the main entry. Question from attendee: Should one aurthor have one main entry?” Answer: Yes. If others are found (with or without the period), it may because of the beginning of RDA there are subfields but Evergreen system sees them as 2 separate. There is work being done now on normalizing all entries, but will take some time.
  • Cataloging e-magazines? Can send records from Recorded Books for Janet to upload.
  • MLS Program Topics suggestion: Advanced Book Repair. Suggestion for MBLC
  • Vendors: who does everyone use when you have to cancel backorders that won’t be fulfilled before the end of the fiscal year? Amazon: Amazon Prime. Can’t use corporate account to pay for Prime, but you share a personal account with up to 4 people or buy a gift card with the corporate account and use it to purchase Prime.

Materials and Supplies: any love/hate with vendors? Brodart: no follow through after order put in with larger furniture. Company is not telling the trucker/deliverer necessary information.

MHEC: dramatic rise in prices.Try MHEC bulletin for information?  UPDATE:SEE ALEX RECZKOWSKI’S EMAIL in your inbox dated 6/29/2016 and subject titled: “MLS/MHEC LIBRARY SUPPLIES FOR FOLLOW UP:

Collection Development Tools: Names a cart Trust Fund so it is known to take it out of that account.  Most libraries use Both B & T and  Ingram.

Cat Express:  West Springfield : has spent less and is using less/got rid of because the Cat Center is so good at uploading files. Jones Library pays for minimum then billed in arrears. Used also to find out what genre a bib. Record is. There is no incentive for a discount. Janet  Schrader explained how  oclc has changed how Cat Express records are delivered .There used to be a 24 hour turnover. Now, requests sent to the Cat Center has a longer turnover time. An advantage to belonging to CatEXpress: being able to search oclc then sending oclc bib record number to the Cat Center to eliminate extra search. C/W Mars pays for a subscription to be able to download records from oclc.

Reasons to use the Acquisitions module: Used so patrons can place holds on order records and to manage funds.

Acquisitions Branch related question on Deposit collection: Foreign Language books from BPL?: Pittsfield Library keeps BPL barcodes and call numbers

Reports: recommendation for those interested  to request a workshop on reports with Codey Kolasinski of C/Mars (

Spine label printing: Equinox wants 100K for development. No spine label development planned for this year.

Libraries that have gone beyond Dewey:   BISAC –Darien, CT Library, ,Jones Library. neighborhood structure. More browse friendly. Holden Library ditched Dewey classification for part of the collection. Jones Library Children and AV Librarians are asking for Cataloging to put Dewey on AV.

A personal note to the TSRT group: Toward the end  of the meeting,  I was not able to take as comprehensive notes as I would have liked to accomplish. I have to post “as is” with time constraints.  If you find  too much information appears to be missing, please  send your notations to me and I will add them as time permits.

Another option is to volunteer to help out with note taking at the next meeting. Thanks!

Next meeting will be held sometime in the Fall, to be determined at a later date.

Have a wonderful summer!


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