Technical Services Roundtable Meeting Notes @ Sunderland Public Library, 11-18-16

Technical Services Roundtable Meeting Notes @ Sunderland Public Library, November 18, 2016

Notes loosely follows agenda.

There were approximately 23 in attendance. Janet Schrader fielded cataloging questions.

1. Concern from Pittsfield Aethaneum about the large number of duplicate records in Evergreen of late. There are 30 libraries using the Acquistions Module in the Consortium, some use vendor records,some do not. Record quality is an ongoing issue.
a. Additionally Janet mentioned that on the brief bib order records: the more annotation in a record, the less it is “weighted”. That means that when you try to pull it up in a list to perform the correct overlay from a brief record to a full bib record, it will be much farther down on the list.
b. Jones Library mentioned that when you creating a brief bib record you can look in the “Name Authority file” in Evergreen to assist with accuracy.

2. How to share a copy bucket with a colleague? The response: tell the colleague the bucket number so they can find that bucket on Evergreen in the Copy Bucket function. Janet reminded the group that “copy buckets” are DYNAMIC , not static. In case you are not familiar with copy buckets: “containers that can be used for storing and/or batch processing items. Copy buckets can be used to change item location, circulation modifier, status, or other item attributes, for multiple items. Unlike Item Status, items will remain in a bucket until removed or the bucket (but not the items) is deleted. Copy buckets are useful for items that you will be dealing with over a period of time. If you are making temporary changes to a group of items, copy buckets allow you to make the changes and store the items in the bucket so that more group changes can be made at a later date.” A great suggestion to tie into the perennial issue of order records is to have the order records in a bucket (for ease of finding them when it comes time to overlay them). Please note: “just make sure to have correct column of information: title, author, tcn lined up as you don’t need the barcode heading.

3. CatExpress Libraries: When you are searching and get multiple hits, it is OK to download the correct record when you find the correct match in oclc: only that record will come through.

4. DVD combo packs/records: If you buy combo packs and want to separate DVD & Blue Ray discs to circulate separately: Upon request, the Cat Center will use or create separate records for you. “Anecdotely per Janet: DVD’s in the combo pack are only sold for a short time so the DVD is different that the separate, standard DVD sold alone.”
a. There is an identifier in the bib record: in the 040 field: if it spells out MIDWEST it is a brief order record that needs an overlay to a full oclc record. In Acquisitions module, the record match is set to the 020 and 040 fields.
b. There was also a mention if it say CIN 1 or CIN3, same as above.

5. The issue of separate bib records for paperbacks vs. hardcovers or on the same record came up once again and a fairly lengthy discussion ensued. Background: Melissa from Ludlow went to Dodie Gaudets’ RDA Cataloging workshop recently and was told paperbacks should be on a separate record. Janet Shrader reminded the group of C/W Mars Consortium Policy agreed upon several years ago, C/WMars voted to add softcover isbns to hardcover records to keep the number of separate records out of the database for ease of patrons searching and placing holds.

6. This issue seriously needs to be revisited as in some libraries when patrons request a title, they only want paperback, some want hardcover. It was decided within our group that this question needs to be put forth to the Resource Sharing Committee as well as the Public Service Librarians: “more specificity in the records (a separate icon, some code to determine paperback) or fewer records in the database continue attaching to hardcover record?”

7. Parts: This component was worked on in development to get parts to sort “chronologically.” Now there is a request for sorting from newest to oldest in Serials. Unfortunately, the problem is that the software can only sort reverse numbered or sort reversed alphabetically. Advocacy for this development is still continuing.
a. This pertains for items attached to a Serials Bib Record. Anything you want to stay in the order it is before development for reverse chronological. Suggestion: use information in the call number to preserve the order. PLEASE NOTE: THIS DOESN’T APPLY TO GRAPHIC NOVELS on OPEN ENTRY RECORDS.
8. Changes at the C/W Mars Office: Now all on gmail
10: We are one release behind other Consortiums using Evergreen: we are on 2.10, the newest release is 2.11. C/WMars Consortium won’t upgrade to that release until Fall 2018. The Web Client is slated to go live Spring 2017. Janet can send a link to see the demo.

11: In planning ahead to the Spring 2017 meeting, Eileen Chapman asked the group about having book vendors (each vendor allowed to speak about 20 minutes in a equally weighted manner). There was also a nod/request to invite MHEC and supplies, also.

12. There were some requests for MLS to hold a Book Repair seminar with Gregor Trinkaus. Some in the group want a basic mending, others would additionally like to have an advanced mending seminar. There was a mention of some video how-to’s for Basic book repair on youtube:

13. We may have another volunteer scribe for future meetings.

14. If we missed you at this meeting, hope to see you at the next!

Stay tuned!


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