Technical Services Roundtable Notes at MLS Northampton, MA; April 25, 2017


Sue Mulry missed. We wish her family well and congratulate her on the birth of her baby granddaughter.

Next meeting date- Fall 207 – Preferably October or November

Berkshire Athenaeum kindly offers space for next meeting

DVD Suppliers: Ingram, B &T, Midwest Tape & Amazon


  • DVDs easier to obtain through B & T; Ingram wasn’t getting hot titles
  • Ingram doesn’t have rental readies
  • Retail doesn’t match up on invoice, sometimes indicates rental ready on statement but item has been switched
  • Amazon has dedicated #
  • If the item is really old, you have to order directly from the publisher and manufacturer and that takes longer. But if ordered before or by the pre-order date it is much faster.
  • If pre-order dates missed, try more frequent ordering, i.e.: 3x/month helps.
  • After street date, item may be available in Memphis warehouse. It takes a day for the merchandise to go from Memphis to Nashville, once out of main warehouse, longer delivery time to your library.
  • Old items require direct ordering from the publisher & manufacturer, which takes longer.
  • Takeaway: if ordered before or by the pre-order date it is much faster.


  • Corporate Credit account, free 2 day shipping for orders over 50$
  • Participant: her director doesn’t want their name on Credit Account
  • Berkshire Athenaeum uses the name of the library on the Amazon account and can charge to it, receiving a monthly statement
  • Kindles require either a Corporate Account or Credit Card
  • Ordering through Amazon on credit, without a credit card can be done via a business account. Note Amazon cuts you off if not paid in full by 60 days.
  • Problems with deliveries:
    • Shipments do not include invoice with packing slips, only order confirmations
    • One order comes in 5-6 packages all related to same invoice
  • Solutions:
    • On the order screen, print invoices upon ordering, if they are not printed immediately, they do disappear
    • Create manual purchase order in computer for your records
    • Cynthia finds Amazon customer service by phone helpful
    • 1-866-216-1072. The number is not on their website
  • Two attendees express no problems with Amazon

B & T

  • For books, one can create a cart in B & T and download from Ingram
  • All items arrive most quickly if ordered before pre-order date
  • Retail doesn’t always match up on the invoice, especially rental readies
  • Retail versions cause problems when downloading records as the first record to appear is the rental ready and so many holders are already attached to this bibliographical version
    • Eileen offers solution:
    • Target holds — highlight — move all libraries –in a blink, 15 holds are moved all at once to a different (the right) record.


  • Can create a cart in Midwest downloading from Ingram.
  • 028 added by Midwest


  • Approximately 7 people at the meeting do acquisitions
  • 20% of those present use CWMars for acquisitions
  • 40% use EDI
  • Large percentage of C/W Mars librarians don’t do acquisitions


  • We use 020 and 024; only problem is with Regency Paperback
  • EC- If only print just order on 020
  • Worcester and Pittsfield records require extra time for overlays
  • Most people wait for the item to be in hand
  • If you find older record, ask for the overlay
  • For Paperback OCLC records that perfectly match your i.e. hardcover record, if you have a record that is a perfect match except for the fact that it is specifically for a hardcover and you have a paperback on hand, write to CWMARS and they will add the ISBN in for you – then you don’t have to download a new record.
  • If you request a 598 recurring report from CWMars, you discover at a glance which records have not been overlaid
  • Instead of requesting overlays as soon as item is ordered, give OCLC time to catch up.
  • Record match sets should reflect same 020/024/035

Evergreen 3.0

  • Release date for web client this Fall.
  • We’re always one release behind because C/W Mars tests thoroughly for bugs before giving the new update to our libraries.
  • Never got to 2.11 this Spring because of hardware issues; got new servers.
  • 2.12 will fix the bugs in the old iterations and has the same permissions-
  • Website still governed by permissions.
  • JS- One of the other comments from the EG survey: “CW MARS allows same records for different versions of works- If hardcover and paperback, it is ok, but if it is a CD with explicit vs. non-explicit lyrics they are two different things and previous release have bonus tracks so: match author/title/date/publisher/#discs/play time.
  • Problem doesn’t stem so much from separate records, the problem is, libs are added into wrong record.

Turtleback and Pawprints

  • The bound version of PBR may have different ISBNS, it is still OK
  • If it’s the Turtleback record form paperback, they’ll add it to the record for us.
  • You guys are not supposed to edit our records.
  • If you want to put pages in, it’s ok. We know who you are.

Viewing Bibliographic Records in Evergreen

  • Q: When searching catalog– drop down menu—numeric search – how can you make the field stay- (i.e. TCN)?

A: Not possible to make the field stay but you can hit GO BACK to restore the delimiters OR you can keep a tab open with the delimiters set as you wish.

  • JS- Explained that when no one is attached to a record, the bib link will appear at the bottom of the screen for the convenience of patrons.
  • There are many ways to see the MARC- i.e. linked on top in blue.

Encoding Levels

  • Determine encoding level in the LDR field- it is the number before the “a”
  • Level M or 3 OCLC records take longer due to need to change encoding level
  • Level 3 in cat express: OOO cam 3
  • If you want a level M, say “Please download and change the encoding level”.
  • Avoid bad level M’s along with 7s, 5s and 3s.
  • When you see a Level M author& publisher usually fine; but subject fields missing.
  • Encoding “a” relates to AACR2R and “i” relates to RDA record
  • 1, 3, 5, 7 are the numbers in Evergreen
  • In OCLC there are 14 encoding levels JS will send to us.
  • If full LC- encoding space blank
  • If OCLC record added by members – encoding is i
  • If OCLC members without full record- k
  • If LC record incomplete – 8 or 4
  • M- codes for library uploaded holding to OCLC and was a machine generated record.
  • Sometimes an M is a really good record if using World Cat as catalog

CAT Express

  • Janet can create new user logins for CatExpress
  • Through CAT Express, OCLC support available on the Welcome page via upper right hand corner button
  • Stats:

28 libraries use CAT Express

3 libraries have full membership and can add records.

Cataloging Audiobooks

  • Be sure to include both the letters and numbers for the O28 fields
  • According to Wikipedia, Blackstone is both a publisher and distributer, related to Hachette, Harper, and Recorded Books
  • Given Blackstone’s amorphous identity, extra care should be given to properly account for the number of CDs in the audiobooks
  • Blackstone is considered the largest indie publisher of audiobooks
  • Public like cover art very much, also useful to staff in finding matching record.

Controlled Vocabulary in

  • Janet Schrader has undertaken the immense task of improving the controlled vocabulary for Evergreen
  • Fixing the problem with the alphabetical thesaurus display between the SEE and SEE ALSO references that adversely affects the controlled vocabulary
  • The See Also reference works, but not correctly, one form of same root and other form of name for see/see also reference.
  • Editing authority records is a beginning for adding the alternative forms of the names.
  • Some entries have commas and some don’t because older records don’t have that, the system sees that as a different kind of entry- this will be fixed in 2.12.
  • Give suggestions for authors whose names need improved controlled vocabulary

i.e.- Jeffery Lindsay, Jeffry P (Jeff)

Meeting Adjourned


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