Tech Services Roundtable Meeting Notes, June 6, 2013


(notes based loosely on Meeting Agenda)

Sue Mulry, Request for collaborative note takers in future meetings

A request was brought to the group for willingness to collaboratively take notes for at least one agenda item during this meeting (and future meetings) in order to be able to produce the most comprehensive notes. The notes serve as a refresher to those who attend, as well as informative (via the WordPresswebsite) for those unable to be present. Daniele Stasky of HCC agreed to take notes on the “Improving the OPAC” agenda item. No others stepped forward this time. Please don’t be shy, and consider lending a “hand” (pun intended), your help and skills are always needed to contribute to our group!

MHEC – prices?

  • ·         What is MHEC?  

Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium is listed online as “the premiere purchasing consortium in New England.” The Website address is:

MHEC membership is available to all not-for-profit public and private institutions of higher education, municipalities including elementary, secondary schools, technical, vocational and charter schools, as well as other educational organizations throughout Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut.  The group has been helping our members since 1977 to achieve cost savings and administrative efficiencies by aggregating spend volume to negotiate highly competitive contracts.

  • ·         What can MHEC do for you?

Consensus of group: Generally, Public Libraries have good discounts for library supplies. Alex noted there is “no discount on CD jewel lids…he wanted to know if anyone has any connections?” So far, book discounts are the same but supplies are individualized. Eileen Chapman mentioned Brodart (which beats out the others) and Carolyn Platt said that regarding Brodart, it is a 25 percent discount. It was also mentioned that Demco had previously purchased Gaylord and has now acquired Highsmith, too. Sylvia Prout noted the Academic/State contract is 17 percent, and her institution is not charged shipping and handling if the order totals over $100.00. If your library belongs to OCLC, a discount is offered through Lyrasis (which took the place of Nelinet). The group consensus is for MHEC to use leverage for the libraries regarding AUDIO purchasing. It was noted that there were free replacements on cloth sleeves and woven sleeves, but only with some vendors, not all.  There was also a request for a MHEC spokesperson to come and present to the group again at a future meeting. And Carolyn would like to start a conversation about this to generate interest in obtaining better discounts for the group, so please consider contributing to compiling any changing in pricing you have noticed.

Brief recap on RDA Workshop

Highlighted changes:

Three new MARC FIELDS, no more GMD (General Material Designation), these fields replace 245 subfield h:

  • 336: CONTENT  [term] – $2rdacontent
  • 337-MEDIA         [term] – $2rdamedia
  • 338-CARRIER    [term] – $rdacarrier
  • There are no more abbreviations, nor any latin abbreviations. The purpose of which will allow for scanning and importing, without any editing necessary. The only exception is centimeters is still cm (without the period) because it is considered “a symbol”.
  • The 264 field (which replaces the 260 field) will show in Evergreen in a future release. The publication date (ex. 2012) and the copyright date (ex. c2012) will show in the MARC record separately, in multiple 264 fields. The 300 field (pagination) will not be intended to be shown. C/W Mars issued a statement, “for those downloading RDA records from oclc, please add the GMD (general material designation in the 245 field, subfield h) because it will be needed for a display on “Title Browse” search hits. 
  •  A few RDA policy summaries from oclc listed below: ( and for more comprehensive information, please view the website:
  1.   OCLC will retain 245 subfield h (GMD) for 3 years (until March 31, 2016) where it currently exists in records. Catalogers are asked to leave the GMD in the record unless completely re-cataloging the record as RDA.
  2.   OCLC will begin to change existing WorldCat legacy records to incorporate various RDA practices by·adding 336/337/338 fields, spelling out non-transcribed abbreviations in 255, 300, 500, 504, and other fields, converting Latin abbreviations to English equivalents in 245, 260, and other fields, and most importantly, making changes to headings in accordance to RDA (for example, spelling out Department, changing Bible and Koran headings).
  • Janet Schrader, representing C/W Mars, said to change the 264 field number to 260 so the publication information shows. Add those GMD’s to RDAs you are exporting.
  • Additionally, please note: Cat Express Libraries are instructed to only edit the record when it is locally in the database. It is not known at this time when C/W Mars will use RDA and we will be notified in advance.

Janet Schrader, Evergreen cataloging questions

  • Standardized parts! (APPLAUSE) and how to tell that you have selected the “correct” format standardized part: Example used: National Geographic Kids
  1.  Brief background on this issue: Tim previously ran a script to remove the SPACE after formatted parts on all the records and it has still been happening since then. A Request: please cooperate and be mindful of choosing the correctly formatted standardized part:
  2. Select the part from the list, put your cursor in the box. IF your cursor is not immediately on the character, then the space is obvious.
  3. Tim will once again run another script to fix the part/space issue so please, please, please, send Janet’s emailed message on to those staff not present at our meeting or receiving email.
  4. Second parts request: please don’t put words  (for example) “Topics” in the parts field, it is only for standardized formatting such as v.1 . Please use the CALL NUMBER FIELD where it is much more appropriate for wording.
  • Another reminder: you can manually delete suffixes or pull them up in a list. If the list runs indefinitely or you can’t open it, then please request Tim delete the list as the next step.
  • If Janet deletes a part “in use” (because the system unfortunately lets you delete something that is still in use, aka being circ’ed), it breaks the link to the item record and you will get an error message when it is returned and checked in. There is development in the works for the ability to merge parts into standardized parts, it will be similar to merging bib records.
  •  Also in development: Parts, dates, volume numbers will display in correct numerical order. (Development is also being worked on for “August  equals 08,” for example).
  •  An aside: MBLC never noticed slowness issues in the response system because they didn’t have Serials Records like we do. And NOBLE is a smaller consortium so they don’t have comparable volume to ours.
  •  In regard to holds: if parts are standardized, you don’t have to guess which part is correct when placing a hold: much more efficient, pleasant experience.
  • ·By the way, holds are placed on title level. Holds are still a title level hold unless someone specifically selects your part for a hold. Not having parts is a good way to accidently have your best sellers go out of library. And Eileen Chapman added the other problem conversely is that if you don’t identify parts when you split an oversized item, the patron doesn’t get the desired item.
  •  Cataloging consensus: Janet asked the group for a cataloging consensus on a title record: Black Blood, tcn 2930327. The group desired merging with the record with tcn 796084841.

Future  developments  in upcoming releases, per Janet Schrader:

  •  Any notes (after the call number) that migrated will show in future releases. And in the future: public notes and script from other languages will also show.
  •  Showing public notes: example: R. Foreign. Bibliomation is example of ability to show alternate graphics records imported in script. 880 fields contain original syrillic translation to English or Latin. In our catalog, Evergreen shows the number, but not the alternate bracket text. If you see any 880 fields, please don’t take delete them because you’ll be taking out the links if you do.
  •  Authority control IS going to happen.
  • ·”Browsing the catalog link”. Gayle Ball requested that it would be great to have the term you actually searched show in a different color, Jim K agreed that is a great suggestion. You will also see what you searched for keyword in the keyword search return box, too. 
  •  For title browse, author browse, and subject browse: when you have an authority record, it will read, “_____” and be a clickable link , see ____,So it references right in the browse list. (Aside from Jim Keenan – at present the system doesn’t give added weight in the 100 which should show up first).
  • Authority work: currently headings: subfield o, c/wmars and # (number is the authority record and it is linked so only changes and edits will all be linked.


Jim Keenan, Current improvements in the OPAC and  future features

(collaborative notes taken with Daniele Stasky)

  • Current: Thanks from Jim to the group: based on the group’s input, one change already implemented is the second box of the search filters that was not needed or used, has been removed.
  •  Upcoming: Next step: Format from first basic search page to advanced search: this will be more difficult because of interdependent parts of Evergreen platform that are impacted, but not documented.
  • ·Current: Sorting doesn’t follow normal lists (for example, if “fiction” is typed, “paperback fiction” will come up first, not fiction.
  • ·Upcoming: Jim is currently working on: In search return, wants to move a lot of the data under details to show at the first return screen.
  • ·Current: MBLC reported our basic search page is no longer accessible for screen readers because of autosuggest. There was a bug, there was also a fix applied. MASSLNC is the only one using auto suggest currently and the Evergreen community will try to fix it to satisfy SECTION 508 REQUIREMENTS. If not, it will be turned off until a solution is found as this is a serious accessibility issue.
  • ·Current: With auto suggest on, the cursor no longer goes to the text box nor does text. So only identified as form box and then have to navigate around the screen. Jim noted that Firefox works better on accessibility.
  •  A request from Jim: please report to Jim if you experience previous search types “that don’t go away.” Send email to
  • ·And if you come across any anomalies in a search, please send report to same email address as it may help to solve a problem.
  • ·Another suggestion from Jim: please go to this website:, (create an account) and the go to DEVELOPMENT IDEAS, select what you like and they (the committee on Development) will prioritize working on what is most requested.  You can also submit your ideas to improve Evergreen, too (if you are on the C/WMars “Library Staff Only website, there is a link to MASSLNC in the right upper corner of the screen).
  • ·Daniele S. requested an icon for ebooks and Jim replied it is in the works for the 2.5 release.
  • ·Regarding “real call number searches in shelf browse”: two searches list: one with decimals, one without. There is a bug that was reported.
  • (An aside): There is also a link to a website to see listing of reported bugs that are being worked on in development at You can choose one project “Evergreen” and see those specific bug listings. If you are too shy to report bugs directly, please let Jim Keenan know (
  • ·Another future development to note: the ability to choose what tab you want as your default in the advanced search screen.
  • ·You can set up your search range as “all C/WMars” and your own preferred search, your item will come up first.
  • ·Jim stated, “it is important to know how the Library staff is working with Evergreen as a whole. Library driven development is best achieved through knowing what the workflow is in any given library that supports the most efficient workflow. Previously, the information flow was “Central site driven”,and  now is the time for information flow from libraries to C/WMars with the system now. So Jim is putting out a call to our group to spell out our steps in an email to example, Here’s how we are cataloging at HCC Library….and then list out each step, etc.
  • ·Future: Gayle is working on tab in numeric search and is still working on targets chosen at last meeting. She mentioned that UPC code doesn’t work unless it is indicator one. All are in separate tables so it is possible to search, but only if UPC1, UPC2, etc.. The isbns are in a separate table.
  • ·Future: Ability to opt out of stemming so can change at will. For example: search for planter, will not get plant.
  • ·  Future: Daniele S. requested a “GO BACK button. Jim suggested she go onto the site and “like” that development (see instructions and website already listed above for MASSLNC). Many likes can get help achieve higher priority with development.
  • ·  Future: Gayle requested being able to toggle between function and OPAC view instead of current situation of several screens.
  • ·Future: Jim also mentioned an “undo button and an alert for delete/confirm” to come up.

Wishing you all a great summer, stay cool, and see you at the next Technical Services Roundtable!


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