Technical Services Roundtable Meeting Notes, April 1, 2014

Meeting location: Chicopee Public Library

(Notes based loosely on Agenda Items)


  1. Introductions: approximately 28 people in attendance, one person from Chelmsford (NMRLS-Northeastern Massachusetts Regional Library System, part of the MVLC-Merrimack Valley Library Consortium), and one from Milford included in the count.


  1. Changing role of Technical Services/challenges/managing devices: Recently there was an e-reader stolen from an office at the Pittsfield Athenaeum. There was no security on it as it wasn’t ready for lending yet. It was mentioned there is a security feature (similar to “lo-jack” in a car) in some laptops, etc. or one that you can purchase (Ultimate Lo-Jack), but if the device is not turned on, you cannot track until then, so thieves may know that, too. One suggestion given: perhaps try utilizing “Google for business” (it is free for non-profits) for tracking devices. There were 4 libraries who spoke on circulating devices: some were purchased, some were donated. Library A: doesn’t lend out, but uses I-PADS for demos on resources. Library B: has 2-3 Kindles, 2-3 Nooks, and 2-3 IPADS. Library C: keeps their devices at the Reference desk. They have not been asked to catalog them because they are for demo purposes only. Library D: has kindles and nooks pre-loaded with best sellers. A great alternative, it is counted as another way to deliver a popular book/title to patrons. All the work takes place at the Ref. Desk: there, the item is created with a barcode and the 505, 700, and 740 fields are used as they are searchable. A signed agreement is established and kept on file for each patron, as well as a photocopy of a picture id with their current information and a check of their library account to make sure they are in good standing before lending takes place. It is not limited to their home public library residents, they allow all C/W Mars residents eligibility to take this out for 3 weeks, non-renewable. Just 2 weeks ago they loaded the latest titles, using gift cards purchased/donated by “friends of the library”. The pick-up and return is also conducted at the Reference Desk .


  1. General trends/changing roles: More public libraries are obtaining cataloging records on the front end with Acquisitions. There was a lot more cataloging in the past, now the challenge is cataloging before you have the actual book in hand! In one library the Head of Technical Services sees a lot less actual cataloging, time is dedicated to more generalized Evergreen Trouble shooting: requesting, opening tickets, monitoring fixes.



  1. Evolving Mass State Project: what it is/background: 51 selected libraries (academics, publics, specialized) taking part in a pilot project to “end digital lockout”. The Mass ebook project allows borrowing from multiple vendors. EBL (Ebook Library, a Proquest business) just came on board as a vendor in February. This MLS testing catalog is comprised of a unified search on three different platforms. B&T Access 360: (which is similar to Overdrive): 3 item maximum, one 21 day checkout, return book, up to 5 holds on item. Biblioboard: access: can read online, can download, available to everyone. EBL(Ebook Library Link) patrons will have access to over 170K titles and can preview any of them for a five minute period. More information on this project is on the MLS main website: Access will be offered to all libraries at the end of this calendar year. The Milford Town Library is taking part in the MA ebook Project Pilot, as well as Chelmsford Public Library. And in addition to both the MA ebook project and Overdrive, Chelmsford also offers registered patrons access to Hoopla (stream and download videos, music, & audiobooks), Freegal(download 3 DRM free songs per week), and Zinio (magazines-read online or download to a mobile device).


  1. Evolving Ebooks Question: does the state ebook project affect Overdrive? One library reported that B & T Access 360 has signed 3 or 4 of the 5 big publishers so getting big/best sellers. In using B&T public fiction/nonfiction source, it is easier to use this website than Overdrive. Biblioboard is also an easier site to use, especially since you can create your own collections/exhibits/digitize the town’s yearbooks. Open-sourced! West Springfield library voiced a question because their library puts money to Overdrive so there is a future budgetary concern. The reply given was that both would “live side by side” for a while. Overdrive is access for one for the whole region. Current policy is for every 5 holds another book copy of a title is added, so it is dependent upon usage. Question was requested for price comparison: Reply given: The state ebook is grant and donation funded for the pilot project so not known yet. Janet added if Libraries digitize yearbooks, you will be given a link to the content so you can have a bib record in our Evergreen PAC (It is loaded as a MARC record with a URL). If you buy databases, do load in the bib record. “One click Digital” will provide the MARC record with the URL SO C/W Mars will accept loading those MARC Records. A Question came up: how to tell how many copies on hold? : # of copy library has, # of holds comes up when you place a hold (shows up as a box on the right side of the screen).You receive a digital notice it is your turn BUT 2 days after the digital notice, your hold lapses and goes to the next person on the list if you don’t act on the notice.


  1. There were no specific cataloging questions from the group for Janet Schrader today.


  • Upgrades/Releases:A mention reminder from Janet: C/W Mars tests at least one full month before an upgrade to a higher release occurs.
  • Regarding Evergreen Development Requests: In the Evergreen Community: a wish list goes out to the whole community to see if it gets support.
  • And a reminder that you can catalog almost “everything”. One library is cataloging “Wilton Character Cake Pans”. Another library is a seed library for cataloging seeds.
  • PARTS: The Consortium that Chelmsford belongs to has a trigger or flag in the bib record which forces a part for all items added.
  • There was a dvd “combo” pack Question for Janet & the C/W Mars Consortium: “We are continuing to have separate records for “blue ray, dvd, rental, enhanced, early sales, accompanying dvd, etc.” Examples: Gravity. Kill Your Darling.
  • Gentle reminder: If you are moving an item to another record, you must delete the part first.
  • Any libraries using Overdrive Advantage? Worcester Public is. Worcester could buy a copy of Goldfinch and only their patrons can use it. A question resulted: Does it mess with hold counts? Reply: not known at this time. Overdrive titles only get released in the Overdrive box at the right: AVAILABLE FORMATS, EDITION, SUBJECTS, copies available: Library copies:
  • Version control: Next release of Evergreen will have “Meta holds”. Development to bring meta holds back. You can select what format you want to place the holds. Example: dvd, audio, etc. Right now the bib has a 007 field so can search, but limits only by what is first in the field. Example: combo pack, blue ray/dvd.


  1. Mass Broadband Initiative, will it change your life? Question was asked, “Does any library expect not to connect? No replies. For current information from MLS, please visit this link:


  1. Deleting items question: In the C/W Mars Consortium, no one uses suppression for lost/missing. Each library has different policies, and Pittsfield gave a general example of their previous policy: “anything lost for six months is suppressed, then deleted after one year.” Several libraries mentioned Juvenile materials tend to come back after six months and there are some confusing choices. In the consortium Chelmsford belongs to, all are suppressed. “Billing is supposed to be majorly overhauled, too.”


  1. What is everyone doing now that Ebsco was terminated from the MHEC vendor list? The only other MHEC subscription provider is Basch, if you wish to avoid having to go out to bid. (asked by Academic Library, STCC). Additional group question: Why is it off the list? Reply: MHEC’s funding is through a one percent fee charged to all vendors. Ebsco was passing that surcharge on to the customers on MHEC illegally, thus violating the contract with the state of Massachusetts. Again, Basch was mentioned as provider, but no information given. For more information on this company, see website address: or use the MHEC database. There is a desire among this group to send a message to MHEC & MLS expressing displeasure at not meeting our needs. Alex and Vickie (from Chelmsford) will draft the “displeasure” memo to MHEC & MLS. The Academic group, MCCLPHEI, ( is also sending a message of displeasure. Vendors were once again mentioned: there are small discounts for a lot more work than when it was managed by WRMLS, who had to turn it over when it became merged as MLS. Then after one year, MLS turned it over to MHEC pricing online. One library mentioned Brodart. While not on the MHEC vendor list, gives 25 percent discount to previous MLS system users. Catching sales are sometimes better than the straight discount pricing, according to another library. Gaylord Representatives appear to be on the ball for that library: if the rep. sees an electronic order and find better pricing, they notify the library, unsolicited. Pittsfield City Library uses WB Mason & and the end of the fiscal year, buys bulk on supplies such as tape, paper as they are giving the library the same discount as the city receives, and there is next day delivery.
  • Some more Cataloging mentions from Janet Schrader: Please don’t put information in the 505 contents note field that doesn’t pertain to the table of contents. The 590 field is where it belongs but the field is currently not indexed /set up yet to display in the catalog yet.
  • At the Evergreen conference Janet attended, it was brought up that libraries want to add local notes. You can have a note and a subfield nine (added to the url in the bib record and acts as an item to put it in your local catalog). Academics use it for online resources and publics use it with Mango digitization. Subfield 9: has the library short name: examples: HCC, ELMS, STCC. By the way, please note Janet cannot delete a bib record with a subfield nine in it. There is work being done on making text searchable and display in the pac. Also there are requests in development to make easier access to creating copy notes.


  • To see the Evergreen Development requests: Google/Evergreen Launchpad/link/BUGS (also discusses wish list and enhancements):

a.) easier access to create copy notes

b.) ability to print MARC records with copy notes

c.) add 3rd button next to ADD VOLUMES AND VIEW MARC: a button for MARC EDIT.


  • New Feature in 2.5 Release: Browse the catalog shows title you typed in with bold face and other surrounding titles.
  • In order to have authority records show : l.) have to run 2 linking scripts: subfield o with number=authority record to which that bib is linked. Janet mentioned a nice feature about authority records in Evergreen: they can be edited and then the system updates all others linked. 2.)Also have to have 2nd link to “see also” example: Mark Twain – Samuel Clemens. 3.) will also have to “reingest (re-index) the authority process: example: make Stephen King, see also “Bachman, Steve”, a “clickable link”. Once on the release, some reingests can be done live. Cross references are coming too.


  • Cataloging reminders:
  • Look at the MARC record in Evergreen before adding a record. (eliminates duplicate bib records in the database).
  • More information has been added to “Show more details”.
  • Having preferred library setting is a big help in the workstation setting (ADMIN-PREFERRED LIBRARY (at the top)
  • Answer to question: does personal preferences override the workstation setting? Have to log in on the PAC and change.
  • Is there is a possibility to show more details as a default? Not known at this time.
  • Janet will ask Jim K.because right now the search screen in the client is the same as the PAC screen.
  • Reminder: Specific things you want for searching, send an email to Janet or Jim.
  • In the future release: control + plus sign will enlarge text. (Chelmsford uses all the keyboard shortcuts as shown in the drop down menus).
  • Libraries that use Acquisitions load vendor records into Evergreen. Cat Express records get loaded in, too. Sometimes, it is not a “good record”. Please remember: encoding level 3 records are ABBREVIATED records, not full OCLC records. The library that loads those level 3 records is responsible for seeing that they are updated to a full oclc record. If you see one that needs to overlayed, please request it so your item can be attached to a full oclc record.
  • Copy buckets: item status only stays until you close the tab. Make edits there, can print to excel , save to CSV so what you have in your bucket can be manipulated.

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